Monday, February 2, 2009

#TGS - Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show - Ramada Ltd.

This is an off-shoot of the Inn Suites show but it has a much more casual feel...

...and FREE PARKING!!!

You will find all sorts of things from beads and crystals to really lovely fossil specimens, full shark jawbones, along with tools and relics!

The first vendor I wandered into was:

Fossils Inc. - Room 103
George Walter Ast

...and of course the first thing I saw was a wonderful specimen from Shark Tooth Hill in California - a whale vertabrae with shark's teeth throughout - pretty much tells the whole story!

This lovely lady was from:
Beads and Rocks - Room 129
They carry a variety of goods •Egyptian Crystal•Glass Masters•Chinese/Czech Crystal•Czech Glass Beads•Semi precious beads•Japanese Seed Beads•Beading Tools and Materials•Hot Glass Tools•COE 104 glass rods and Sheets•COE 90 Glass
She was nice enough to let me take a shot inside the room - great use of bed as display space!
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