Saturday, February 14, 2009

TGS - More Mineral Oddities from "The Main Show"!

The peeling banana was one of the highlights of the National Museum of Natural History's collection as well as a show highlight!

Mineral Oddities from Brazil was the theme of the case presented by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County....

...the etched garnet and aquamarine were glorious and that little chunk of gold was pretty impressive!

These were wonderful examples of "Mineral Mimicry"! Do you see "Mickey" and the crystal owl?

Flourescent minerals are always a crowd pleaser!

This was one of the features of Gems as Art...a solid chunk of Turquoise - carved to depict and battle between the Settlers and Indians.
For a size reference the Kachina in the background was 12-18 inches tall.

Gem Sculpture and Tiffany Style Lamps out of Agate Slices!
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