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GIA Tucson: GIA Alumni Awarded Global Honors

GIA Alumni Receive Global Honors
Leadership and achievement awards

Gail Brett Levine,
recipient of the 2012 GIA Int'l Leadership Award.
Image courtesy of Levine.
CARLSBAD, CA. – Alumni of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) were recognized for their chapter contributions during the annual GIA Alumni Association dinner, auction and dance party held on Feb. 3 at the Tucson Gem Show. Gail Brett Levine, Graduate Gemologist, of New York received the 2012 International Leadership Award; and Lanis Mosher, Accredited Jewelry Professional, of Ontario received the 2012 International Achievement Award.

The GIA Global Alumni Awards recognize members who exhibit leadership, demonstrate service to the gem and jewelry industry, and actively support the association’s growth through continuing education and innovative programs.

Lanis Mosher, recipient of the
2012 GIA Int'l Achievement Award.
Image courtesy of Mosher.
Levine, an independent personal property appraiser, has been in the jewelry trade for 40 years and an officer in the Manhattan Chapter since the inception of the GIA Alumni Association in 1982. “I am proud that the Manhattan Chapter is one of the gemstones in the GIA ‘Tiara of Chapters,’” she said. “I want to express my gratitude to my fellow officers and everyone I’ve worked with to make it a success.”

Mosher, a retailer for more than 12 years, has rarely missed an event since the Ontario Chapter was founded two years ago. “My best advice is to stay involved in your chapter as you never know what gems you will meet,” she said. “I plan to return to Tucson next year to reconnect with fellow alumni. I am refreshed and excited about where to take my career next and what additional GIA courses I want to enroll in.”
“The Institute commends Gail and Lanis for their continued dedication to the association,” said Kate Donovan, GIA Alumni Relations Manager. “The awards program was created to foster and inspire the alumni network, which includes 60 chapters worldwide. We thank these individuals for their enthusiasm and support of the organization.”
A call for 2013 nominations will be distributed to all association members in July 2012. To ensure receipt of the nomination form, GIA Alumni can register here.

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