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Sad To Report The Passing of Richard Krementz Jr.

Editor's note: this is one of the AGTA GemFair booths we most look forward to at the Tucson show...sorry to hear of the loss of such an integral part of this just won't be the same.  We are hoping for great things from the next generation... 

It is with sadness that we report...

From the Richard Krementz Gemstone page on Facebook:
2013 AGTA Spectrum, Platinum Honors Winner

"It is with heartfelt sadness to announce that Richard Krementz passed away today. Richard had an incredible passion for extraordinary gems since 1949 when he joined his family's business. It is because of him that the terms "Krementz color" and "Krementz quality" resound in our industry when describing the very finest. He was a class act; ethical, knowledgable and a man of his word. The jewelry industry has lost a fine gentleman. Here's to you, sir."
Richard Krementz Jr, 86, of Morristown NJ and Criehaven ME died November 21. 

He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Peggy, his children Rick and Betsy, and grand daughters Anna and Nastajjia. 

Richard graduated from Yale in 1949, and joined his family's jewelry manufacturing business, Krementz & Co (later Richard Krementz Gemstones). 

He was an early and very active board member of the American Gem Trade Association and International Colored Stone Association, and also strongly supported the American Gem Society and Jewelers Board of Trade. 

He personally ran the jewelry company until two weeks before his passing. 

Rick Krementz, his son, is now CEO of Richard Krementz Gemstones. 

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Criehaven Library, 58 Chadwick St, Portland ME 04102. A memorial service will be held in Morristown on January 26.

Information via - Danielle Barber
51 Commerce Street
Springfield, NJ 07081 USA


Friday, November 16, 2012

MJSA’s At the Bench Live Moves to New Tools, Technology, and Supplies Pavilion

MJSA’s At the Bench Live Moves to New Tools, Technology, and Supplies Pavilion at AGTA GemFair

MJSA will present its signature At the Bench Live demonstrations at the 2012 AGTA GemFair Tucson, running twice daily Feb. 5-8 in GemFair’s expanded Tools, Technology, and Supplies Pavilion. The sessions will again feature renowned artisans showing bench and design techniques that attendees can readily apply to their own operations. In addition, related articles from MJSA Journal, the association’s flagship monthly magazine, will be distributed at each session.

The sessions are sponsored by the American Gem Trade Association, and the Bench and Tool Sponsor is the Jewelry Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The schedule includes:

February 5:

Paving the Way: Master Techniques for Pavé and Micro Pavé
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Presenter: Blaine Lewis
With its multiple rows of sparkling gems, pavé adds flash and fire to any jewelry design—but only if it’s done correctly. This session will reveal innovative methods to create and enhance pavé and micro-pavé designs, including advanced bead setting and bright cutting techniques, tool selection, and tips for proper layout, working with different metals, and handling fragile stones.

A Cut Above: Prepping Your Graver
2:30 to 4 p.m.
Presenter: Arthur Anton Skuratowicz
Whether you need to raise beads, bright-cut a channel setting, or add decorative textures and details, the graver is one of the most important tools you can have—but only if it’s properly prepped. This session will discuss shaping and sharpening methods, along with how to care and maintain your graver, to ensure your cuts remain precise and predictable.

February 6:

Texturing and Finishing Options
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Presenter: Lee Krombholz
Fashion experts say baroque will be big in 2013, which means there will be plenty of opportunity for jewelry featuring textures and decorative finishes. Learn a variety of techniques—including hammer finishing, milgraining, hand engraving, and stippling—in which inexpensive hand tools can be used to create a big look.

Techniques for Setting Halos and Side Diamonds
2:30 to 4 p.m.
Presenter: Lee Krombholz
Adding a “halo” of gems around the center stone or incorporating decorative side stones can add flash and sparkle to any design. Discover various techniques and styles—bead settings, split prongs, bright cuts—that help you to create gem patterns offering the perfect accent.

February 7:

Setting Fancy Shapes, Part 1: Prong Settings
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Presenter: Arthur Anton Skuratowicz
Marquise cuts, cushion cuts, slices—gemstones in these and other unusual shapes pose unique setting challenges. In the first session, learn different techniques for shaping and securely fastening prongs, based on the stone and the metal involved. In honor of “Monaco Blue” being named Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013, issues specific to tanzanite, lapis, sapphire, and similarly colored stones will be reviewed.

Setting Fancy Shapes, Part 2: Thick-Walled Bezels and Channels
2:30 to 4 p.m.
Presenter: Arthur Anton Skuratowicz
The force needed for bezel and channel setting can be particularly challenging with fancy shapes: a few bad hammer blows and you’ll have crunching, alignment issues, and misapplied pressure points that lead to stress and cracking. Learn the proper preparation and setting techniques to ensure your walls are aligned and secure.

February 8:

Hand Carving Wax Models
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Presenter: Gary Dawson
A casting is only as good as its model, and in this session you’ll learn how to carve waxes that lead to great castings. The session will include tips for choosing the proper wax, creating an initial layout, removing wax quickly, and achieving fine details. Most important, you’ll learn how to integrate the gem into the model, and create a design that showcases the stone to maximum effect.

Plating Techniques to Ensure Predictable Results
2:30 to 4 p.m.
Presenter: Arthur Anton Skuratowicz
With precious metals prices expected to remain high, plating has become the option of choice for jewelers to add a precious touch while maintaining price points. This session will discuss techniques for both pen and immersion plating, and to ensure cohesion between different metals, and how to create quality coatings that meet consumer expectations and conform to FTC standards.

In addition to being redesigned as a “one-stop resource” for the know-how, supplies, and services needed by jewelry makers and designers, the Tools, Technology, and Supplies Pavilion will be open to attendees from other events: badge holders of the GJX show, the JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show, and the Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers (G&LW) show at the Holidome will be able to shop the pavilion and attend the At the Bench Live demonstrations.

For more information about the At the Bench Live sessions, go to or contact 1-800-444-MJSA (6572), For more information about the Tools, Technology, and Supplies Pavilion, go to

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

AGTA Announces GemFair Tucson Seminar Schedule

AGTA GemFair™ Tucson – A Learning Experience

The American Gem Trade Association’s annual GemFair in Tucson, AZ, each February is an opportunity for anyone involved in colored gemstones and pearls to learn more about this margin-friendly product category. Whether it is formal educational sessions or the valuable networking opportunities, the AGTA GemFair™ Tucson offers a wealth of information for those who want to build and expand this part of their business.

The AGTA FREE Seminar Program is a comprehensive collection of one hour seminars taught by the leading experts in their fields. Popular presenters such as Richard Drucker, Kate Peterson, Bill Larson, Alan Hodgkinson, Gary Roskin, Cecilia Gardner, David Peters, Cindy Edelstein and Antoinette Maitlins return each year to share their latest information to GemFair attendees. Topics covered include gemology, trends, sales, marketing, events, travelogues, training, social media, fair trade, gemstone cutting and much more. The seminars start Wednesday, February 6th and end on Saturday, February 9th.

MJSA also returns in 2013 with their “At the Bench Live” program for bench jewelers. This daily demonstration provides fantastic tips on a variety of bench-related scenarios by respected jewelers Arthur Anton Skuratowicz, Lee Krombholz, Chris Ploof and Linus Drogs. From repair to design to working with gemstones, there is something for everyone.

Click Here for Detailed Seminar Schedule

Aside from the classroom, the AGTA GemFair™ Tucson offers an incredible amount of networking opportunities with your peers. The exhibitors are all AGTA Members and experts in their chosen field. They will share their knowledge about the key things to look for when purchasing colored gemstones and pearls. They are also the best resource for new finds and current trends. You will also have the opportunity to meet other buyers at the convention center or at one of the many nightly events. These events are a great place to combine business and fun in a laid-back environment.

Continuing education is a key component of most professional businesses and AGTA supports that notion in the jewelry industry by providing the platform for learning at the AGTA GemFair™ Tucson. So, make plans to join us in Tucson in 2013 – to register, go to

Friday, November 9, 2012

#WordlessWeekend - Vendor Spotlight! Gems In Gems

Marco Campos Venuti

Venuti has a PhD in volcanology and is the editor of the Rivista Gemmologica Italiana. Since childhood he was always curious about the origin of stones and is a passionate collector.   He has written MANY scientific papers and he is recognized as an authority both in Europe and the US.  His world class collection of Agates & Jaspers has led to this gorgeous new publication.

"Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers: 
a New Theory"


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