Wednesday, November 26, 2014

22nd St. Mineral & Fossil Show Promoter Building A Permanent Tucson Location

The 2015 show is going to soon be known for change and growth - it seems we are getting new announcements weekly, but none as big as the following from Lowell Carhart of Eons are probably more familiar with him as the show promoter for the 22nd St. Mineral & Fossil Show as well as shows in New Jersey and Denver.

We've been working behind the scenes for four years with a stellar team of architects, bankers, brokers, engineers, investors, lawyers, lenders, Tucson officials, and my absolute favorite Tucson Ward Councilor to be able to finally make this announcement:  

On October 16, 2014, we officially acquired the 6.5 acre parcel of land at the corner of I-10 and 22nd Street in Tucson, Arizona for $1.6 million. (This is the site of our show) The deal is done. It could not have been accomplished without the support of my wife Miev, my sister-in-law Li, brother-in-law Cheng, my Darden Business School buddy Ramesh, family and new & old friends, and the spectacular A-Team comprised of Randy Emerson, Rob Paul, Ken Perry, Keri Silvyn, and Jim Whitehill. But all would have been for naught without Ward Councilor Regina Romero's vital support, who championed our proposal over that of our competitor who bid $138,000 higher but offered an uninspiring development plan. Our plan will let the City of Tucson boast of an iconic new 22nd Street Co-Op building that will become ground zero for the Tucson Mineral, Fossil, Gem & Jewelry Showcase for decades to come. 

We plan to break ground on the stunning $12 million 22nd Street Co-Op in February 2016.  The 150,000 sq. foot edifice will be comprised of (86) 20' x 40' selling rooms on the first two floors that dealers will own outright (structured as a business condo), while the top 3rd floor will be a year-round event space.  However, come gem show time, the top floor will host the high-end Annex of the 22nd Street Mineral & Fossil Show, which will also continue in its existing 100' x 600' tent.  Therefore, dealers will soon have a choice to own their venue in Tucson's premier location, or choose between renting a booth in the high-end top floor Annex of the 22nd Street Co-Op, or in the more affordable 22nd Street Mineral & Fossil Show tent.

Upon project completion there will be space for 500 dealers.  The sales office for the 22nd Street Co-Op will open in January in Tucson. More info to come!

Kind regards,
Lowell Carhart
Eons Expos, LLLP – Partner
22nd Street Land, LLC – CEO

Our Shows: (Dec 5-7, 2014) (Jan 29-Feb 15, 2015) (April 10-12, 2015) (Sept 12-20, 2015)

 Can you imagine what this will mean to vendors of larger items  - Geodes - Cathedrals - Metal Sculpture....etc.
"...dealers will soon have a choice to own their venue in Tucson's premier location, or choose between renting a booth in the high-end top floor Annex of the 22nd Street Co-Op, or in the more affordable 22nd Street Mineral & Fossil Show tent."
The the images above and the following are from the formal proposal and truly show the opportunities provided by this groundbreaking concept!  

 Info on the 2015 Tucson Show:
 22nd Street Show on Facebook:
 About Eons Expos:

Friday, November 7, 2014

#TucsonGemShow - Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show Announces Line Up For Fifth Annual Mineral Lecture Series


January 30th - February 11th 2015
At The Riverpark Inn, Tucson Arizona USA

Requests the Pleasure of your Company
At The Following Events 

at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show

The 2015 Tucson Mineral Lectures Series has been announced by the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show, the program for its Fifth Annual Mineral Lecture Series offers luminaries in the Mineral field - Museum Curator, Volcanologist, Author, Collector, Geologist and more.

This event is open to all and you will find this group to be. as I have,  some of the smartest and most welcoming people in the Industry! 

Thank you once again to Maury and Aisha for assembling such a distinguished line up...much appreciated!

You are getting a sneak preview of the talk by John made me want to be there!  

Held in the courtyard of the International Fine Mineral Building 
at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show ….. means there will be plenty of free parking.

6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. / 9:15 to 9:45 p.m.
Hosted Wine and Cheese Reception 


7:15 - 7:50 pm 

John S. White, former Curator-In-Charge, Mineral Division, Smithsonian Institution

"Reminiscences of a Very Old Former Curator"

John White's "Reminiscences of an Old Former Curator" was originally delivered to the 2013 Rochester Mineralogical Symposium. White is the founder of Mineralogical Record and retired as Curator-in-Charge of the Division of Mineralogy at the Smithsonian Institution. White's presentation includes personal anecdotes that will delight the mineral and gemstone enthusiast. via Pala International

8:00 - 8:30 pm 

Bob Jones, Sr. Editor, Rock & Gem Magazine

"Tucson: How It All Began"

8:40 - 9:15  pm 

Marco Campos-Venuti, Volcanologist

 "Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers: A new Theory"


7:15 - 7:50 pm

 Dr. Don Lum

"Minerals I have Known and Loved"

8:00 - 8:30 pm

Peter Megaw, 

"An Explorer's Mineralogical  Adventures 
  in Famous Mexican Localities"

8:40 – 9:15 pm

Federico Barlocher

FILM: "Namak Mandi Peshawar Pakistan:  
The Mysteries & Secrets of The Legendary Gem Crystal Market Never Seen By The Public Before"

A BIG Thank You to Maury Destouet the General Manager of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show and the always polished Aisha Jan for assembling an amazing group of Experts for this Lecture Series. 

"I have the honor and pleasure to select the guest speakers and to assist in the organization of these events. Our company Rocksaholics is a proud participant of this show."

Aisha & Arif Jan, Rocksaholics, LLC


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