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What's Hot In Tucson 2011 - Minerals - Review & Discount

I have spent the last week - literally - working my way through the 2 DVD Set (240 minutes!) of What's Hot in Tucson - the Mineral edition!  What do I mean working my way through...the incredible amount of information hidden within these entertaining videos is immense!   

Of course the big  joke in 2011 is that Tucson was anything but HOT - with below freezing temperatures for close to a week as is visible in the frozen fountain on the DVD jacket photo!

The Minerals video starts with the Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show, moves to the newest venue at the Pueblo Show at the Riverfront Inn, then the Westward Look Fine Mineral Show and ends at "The Main Show" the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.   Along the way there are several candid Collector on the Street - where they talk to people about their finds at the show!  

For 2011 the Dave Wilbur - Bob Jones team is back!   What is fabulous about these videos is that several of these pieces were found within the last year...or a minerals that have been identified and named within the last 5 - 10 years!  ...and some of the rarest minerals available!

Cornetite - Henmilite - Alabandite - Ilvaite - Arfvedsonite - Aegirine

For me the star of the Mineral Scene in Tucson is the Collector's Day at the Fine Mineral Show at the Westward Look Resort - the Featured collector this year was Wayne Sorenson and I really love the way that BlueCap edited this portion with Wayne and Dave sitting down and chatting while the stunning specimens roll by!

You Will Find Unbelievable Beauty!
...the glowing red-orange of the Tasmanian Crocoite - the Adelaide Mining Co. room was dazzling!
...both crystal and wire silver & gold
...the Chaminoux Red Flourite and Shigar Red Fluorite
...the Rhodocrosite from the Wutong Mine in China was in several rooms but "The Emperor" and "The Empress" at the TGMS were the stars of this find! pocket of sparkling Prehinite fingers from Prospect Park, NJ from The Arkenstone 
...gleaming gemmy Milpillas Azurite crystals from Evan Jones minerals
...a two year old - 472 carat Emerald crystal from the La Pita Mine, Colombia - complete with it's custom lighted base!
...water clear Swiss Smokey from Pala International
...all of the new Cuprite - Copper Pseudomorphs
....and the amazing carvings from Pu Tzu at the Uncarved Block

It is great watching the way the dealers interact with Dave - his reputation in the field is unparalleled.  And one of the most candid moments comes when Bob Jones introduces and interviews his son Evan Jones, who along with his partner has some of the finest Milpillas Azurites!  Bob does a great job of explaining the various minerals present in these specimens and why the Azurite crystals just seem electric blue!

...and there are all of my favorite bathroom shots...remember these shows are in hotels and a good vendor uses every space available.  Wait till you see the Aquamarine in Rob's Levinsky's bathroom  ;-p

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Photo Credit: Gail Spann after Cropping Robyn ;-p
Product Description:
Join us as we spend three full weeks in Tucson, Arizona at the largest mineral show in the world!! We visit dealers and collectors from the Hotel Tucson City Center (formerly known as the InnSuites), Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show, Fine Minerals International Show, The Westward Look Mineral Show and round it all up with the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society Show (aka The Main Show).

Along the way we see some of the Ilvites from China that made such a huge hit, the Russian Cuprites that were one of the hottest new finds at Tucson, one of the finest emerald specimens in the world, a behind-the-scenes viewing of the new Kunzites from Pala, an exclusive interview with the owner of the Tourmaline Queen Mine and the first owner of the world-famous Rabbit Ears Blue cap (Dave Wilber was the second owner) and a whole lot more!!!!

And, as always, we also feature Jeff Scovil's Top Ten Tucson Photos where Master Photographer Jeff Scovil shares his top ten picks for specimens shot while on location in Tucson.
It's four-hours of non-stop mineral fun on 2 DVDs and even a VERY special surpirse at the end of the program that we hope everyone enjoys.

This is What's Hot In Tucson for the year 2011 and it's HOT!!!!!!

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