Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Remembering Tucson: Bathrobe Couple, or...Only in Tucson!

Anyone who has been reading this blog knows that the Tucson Gem Show is held annually across the entire city of Tucson.  Most shows are held in various hotels and vendors show in their rooms.

So imagine this...I have just finished viewing a room of stunning minerals at the Fine Mineral Show at the Westward Look Resort, probably the highest of high end Mineral Shows.  I was waiting for friends and a lovely couple walks up asking if it is OK to look?  They weren't sure if you had to pay to go in or what.  Of Course I said feel free...did I mention that this couple was in Terry Robes and had just stepped out of the Jacuzzi? 

We soon drew a crowd of people- it was such a great reminder that we are after all at a Resort Hotel.  Most people book their room at the Westward Look for the views and ability to relax a short distance from the hustle & bustle that is downtown Tucson during the shows.

So they enjoyed the show - relaxed in comfort!  
Photo Credit: Gail Spann - from the Gail Spann's Version of a Tucson Show Report 2011 


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