Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Manning House...OOOOPPS!

Last night I was uploading the photos on my memory chip and realized that I forgot to write my piece on the Manning House! I don’t get it because it is my favorite venue and was probably the most fun I had at the Tucson Shows! So I am posting this with my most sincere apologies to Holly, Kerry and my good friends Marsha & Vlad!

I have said it before and will say it again – this venue is like an oasis in the desert – literally!

The Manning House is used for events, meetings and weddings...and is made up of large ballrooms, elegant and the show an “over the top” feel. This works for this group of vendors...there are a lot of handmade focals – OOAK porcelains, metal, PMC, titanium, rubber, bone, etc...alongside some of the major vendors.

The Too Bead True Blue Show has been in this venue for several years – but starting next year this show will move. Unfortunately this made for a very tense show this year as vendors were under pressure trying to decide whether to stay with Manning House or move to a new venue with “Too Bead True Blue” ...a tough choice!

Holly Gage was in the Morning Star Ballroom – I have seen Holly’s posts on a number of forum’s (most recently the Orchid Digest) and her work is really organic and elegant! Her latest offering is Titanium Focal pieces - all OOAK and fabulous! You can see more Gage Designs at:

Vintaj - this booth was fabulous! I have always been a huge fan of Vintaj but now I am even more in their court.

They had a huge – beautifully displayed booth and lots of project ideas....even a Designer (Mackie) whipping out original pieces...wouldn’t that be the “dream” job!

Kerry at CeltCraft Design

Kerry and her husband were charming and had a great display of all things Celtic - the pair are reinactors as well as owning a B&M store. Last year they made a decision to close the store and hit the road setting up at Art Shows, Jewelry & Gem Shows and Scottish Festivals!

I really loved her display – the boxes on the steel grid each contain a fun bead or focal and then across the top she has strung a design sample using the item. Check out her goods at:

Marsha Hedrick (wo)mans the booth...

The next stop was the Porcelain Fantasies booth – this is some of the most beautifully detailed work you will see. Marsha creates some of the most fancy and decorative porcelain miniatures available to doll house enthusiasts... Fairies, Fantasy Dolls, affordable hand painted porcelain dollhouse dishes, amazing miniature capodimonte style porcelain flower arrangements, and other doll house accessories in 1 inch scale and half inch scale.

As a Registered Native American her first jewelry pieces were Native American in style. Marsha recently expanded her work to include limited (these are individually made and glazed so no two are actually identical) edition Organics and Flowers that will give your work a very original look!

...and of course – the Snow Babies were a BIG hit! Check out Marsha’s work at:

Sharing the booth with Marsha is Vlad of Golem Design Studio.

Vladislav Ivanov and Kremena Ivanov have been working as a team and a company since the year 2000, successfully dealing with several clients in the USA and Australia. Living in Bulgaria, on a crossroad between Europe and Asia they have developed eclectic interests and tastes, the beads and pendants cannot be associated with any specific national tradition or style, incorporating patterns from a variety of ancient and contemporary sources.
Following the show Marsha, Vlad and I got together over dinner at the local Red Lobster – Vlad is a vegetarian and begged for a seafood restaurant!


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