Thursday, December 11, 2014

#TBT #TucsonGemShow 2014 Lecture Series at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show a Resounding Success!

I wasn't able to attend all of the lectures in 2014 - but the ones I did make were standing room only and chock full of great information...

I want to thank Maury Destouet the General Manager of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show and the always polished Aisha Jan for assembling an amazing group of Experts for this Lecture Series.

"I have the honor and pleasure to select the guest speakers and to assist in the organization of these events. Our company Rocksaholics is a proud participant of this show."

...and just wait until you hear who they have scheduled for 2015!

It seems that each year the Tucson Gem Show comes back stronger than the previous year...and 2014 was no exception.

The crowds are definitely returning (albeit with tighter budgets) but for the vendors that is all they need!  You can't look at row after row of amazing gems, minerals, home decor and jewelry without at some point figuring out a way to make the purchase!

The temptations and a definite uptick in business can be seen at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show - add to that this show is hands down in my top 3 MUST DO list and you have a recipe for a great day!

One of the things that is engaging shoppers at the Pueblo show is their Mineral Lecture Series...I know - lecture - ewww!  These are more like conversations with some of the most respected experts in the world!  I was able to attend two evenings of lectures....the Federicos and Gail Spann's comeback presentation!


“Mogok Myanmar (Burma): 
A secret overview of the most famous 
mining area for colored stones in the history of gems”



" Color Zoning in multicolored gem Tourmaline"

Shortly after booking this evening it soon became known as the Evening of the Federicos...the energy level at this event was through the roof!  The actual event was Pezzotta followed by Barlocher...of course if you know Federico Barlocher this will come as no surprise - who could follow him!?!


FB was fabulous with a video of the mining area - processing center - marketplace and many other views of an area which most people couldn't get in to see!  And here we were in the heart of the action!  

As much travelogue as mineral lecture - FB gave us a glimpse into the lives of the people of the region and a viewpoint from which to see how this operation works.  Of course it was all presented in FB's rollicking, whimsical look at life outside most of our comfort zones. 

If this interests you, follow Federico on YouTube, where you will see his amazing (non judgemental/non political) POV!


This may sound dry but if you have even the least interest in gemology or mineralogy you would have LOVED this presentation! Not at all dry and I went away truly understanding the theories presented.

The second Federico of the evening Federico Pezzotta's name may sound familiar to those who are constantly searching out the rare and unusual - the gemmy pink gem Pezzottaite is named after him!

"Pezzottaite is a caesium analogue of beryl, a silicate of caesium, beryllium, lithium and aluminium, with the chemical formula Cs(Be2Li)Al2Si6O18.  Named after Italian geologist and mineralogist  Federico Pezzotta, pezzottaite was first thought to be either red beryl or a new variety of beryl ("caesium beryl"); unlike actual beryl, however, pezzottaite contains lithium and crystallizes in the trigonal crystal system rather than the hexagonal system." Acording to Wikipedia

Without re-printing his entire talk this chart may give you an understanding of the theories presented - for more photos see the Photo Album on Facebook!

Next up Gail Copus Spann and The Mineralogical Almanac....

Monday, December 1, 2014

Tucson Shows To Premiere a NEW Collection of Designer Jewels in CSARITE®

Top Designers Inspired by CSARITE® 

A diverse group of luxury jewelry designers from around the globe is creating a collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry designs centering on the beautiful gemstone CSARITE®, announced Milenyum Mining Limited. 
Initiated by Erica Courtney and The Courtney Collection®, this exciting new collection is scheduled to launch at the Tucson gem show early next year.

The world’s largest CSARITE®, a 121.65 carat pear shaped gem, will be the focal point of a new CSARITE® jewelry line by Erica Courtney. Other designers highlighting the natural, color change gem will be Canada’s Varouj Tabakian, Turkey’s Pinar Oner, and American designers Victor Velyan, Jennifer Dawes, and Katie Diamond. The collection will be displayed in The Courtney Collection booth #2206 at the GJX show, February 3rd through February 8th, 2015.

“We are so excited about the enthusiasm with which the designers have embraced this project. CSARITE® is a single source gem, always natural, never enhanced, possessing the rare gemological phenomenon of color change,” stated Murat Akgun, president of Milenyum Mining Limited. “Top designers like the ones participating in this collection are searching for unusual, responsibly sourced gems for their discriminating customers. CSARITE® fits the bill in so many ways!”

MML is the world’s only source supply of CSARITE®, a natural, unenhanced color-change gemstone. Responsible for cutting and marketing of this phenomenal gemstone, MML’s mission is to introduce gem and jewelry connoisseurs around the globe to CSARITE®’s unique beauty and rarity. MML is a member of The International Colored Gemstone Association. Visit for a list of authorized retailers.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

22nd St. Mineral & Fossil Show Promoter Building A Permanent Tucson Location

The 2015 show is going to soon be known for change and growth - it seems we are getting new announcements weekly, but none as big as the following from Lowell Carhart of Eons are probably more familiar with him as the show promoter for the 22nd St. Mineral & Fossil Show as well as shows in New Jersey and Denver.

We've been working behind the scenes for four years with a stellar team of architects, bankers, brokers, engineers, investors, lawyers, lenders, Tucson officials, and my absolute favorite Tucson Ward Councilor to be able to finally make this announcement:  

On October 16, 2014, we officially acquired the 6.5 acre parcel of land at the corner of I-10 and 22nd Street in Tucson, Arizona for $1.6 million. (This is the site of our show) The deal is done. It could not have been accomplished without the support of my wife Miev, my sister-in-law Li, brother-in-law Cheng, my Darden Business School buddy Ramesh, family and new & old friends, and the spectacular A-Team comprised of Randy Emerson, Rob Paul, Ken Perry, Keri Silvyn, and Jim Whitehill. But all would have been for naught without Ward Councilor Regina Romero's vital support, who championed our proposal over that of our competitor who bid $138,000 higher but offered an uninspiring development plan. Our plan will let the City of Tucson boast of an iconic new 22nd Street Co-Op building that will become ground zero for the Tucson Mineral, Fossil, Gem & Jewelry Showcase for decades to come. 

We plan to break ground on the stunning $12 million 22nd Street Co-Op in February 2016.  The 150,000 sq. foot edifice will be comprised of (86) 20' x 40' selling rooms on the first two floors that dealers will own outright (structured as a business condo), while the top 3rd floor will be a year-round event space.  However, come gem show time, the top floor will host the high-end Annex of the 22nd Street Mineral & Fossil Show, which will also continue in its existing 100' x 600' tent.  Therefore, dealers will soon have a choice to own their venue in Tucson's premier location, or choose between renting a booth in the high-end top floor Annex of the 22nd Street Co-Op, or in the more affordable 22nd Street Mineral & Fossil Show tent.

Upon project completion there will be space for 500 dealers.  The sales office for the 22nd Street Co-Op will open in January in Tucson. More info to come!

Kind regards,
Lowell Carhart
Eons Expos, LLLP – Partner
22nd Street Land, LLC – CEO

Our Shows: (Dec 5-7, 2014) (Jan 29-Feb 15, 2015) (April 10-12, 2015) (Sept 12-20, 2015)

 Can you imagine what this will mean to vendors of larger items  - Geodes - Cathedrals - Metal Sculpture....etc.
"...dealers will soon have a choice to own their venue in Tucson's premier location, or choose between renting a booth in the high-end top floor Annex of the 22nd Street Co-Op, or in the more affordable 22nd Street Mineral & Fossil Show tent."
The the images above and the following are from the formal proposal and truly show the opportunities provided by this groundbreaking concept!  

 Info on the 2015 Tucson Show:
 22nd Street Show on Facebook:
 About Eons Expos:

Friday, November 7, 2014

#TucsonGemShow - Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show Announces Line Up For Fifth Annual Mineral Lecture Series


January 30th - February 11th 2015
At The Riverpark Inn, Tucson Arizona USA

Requests the Pleasure of your Company
At The Following Events 

at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show

The 2015 Tucson Mineral Lectures Series has been announced by the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show, the program for its Fifth Annual Mineral Lecture Series offers luminaries in the Mineral field - Museum Curator, Volcanologist, Author, Collector, Geologist and more.

This event is open to all and you will find this group to be. as I have,  some of the smartest and most welcoming people in the Industry! 

Thank you once again to Maury and Aisha for assembling such a distinguished line up...much appreciated!

You are getting a sneak preview of the talk by John made me want to be there!  

Held in the courtyard of the International Fine Mineral Building 
at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show ….. means there will be plenty of free parking.

6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. / 9:15 to 9:45 p.m.
Hosted Wine and Cheese Reception 


7:15 - 7:50 pm 

John S. White, former Curator-In-Charge, Mineral Division, Smithsonian Institution

"Reminiscences of a Very Old Former Curator"

John White's "Reminiscences of an Old Former Curator" was originally delivered to the 2013 Rochester Mineralogical Symposium. White is the founder of Mineralogical Record and retired as Curator-in-Charge of the Division of Mineralogy at the Smithsonian Institution. White's presentation includes personal anecdotes that will delight the mineral and gemstone enthusiast. via Pala International

8:00 - 8:30 pm 

Bob Jones, Sr. Editor, Rock & Gem Magazine

"Tucson: How It All Began"

8:40 - 9:15  pm 

Marco Campos-Venuti, Volcanologist

 "Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers: A new Theory"


7:15 - 7:50 pm

 Dr. Don Lum

"Minerals I have Known and Loved"

8:00 - 8:30 pm

Peter Megaw, 

"An Explorer's Mineralogical  Adventures 
  in Famous Mexican Localities"

8:40 – 9:15 pm

Federico Barlocher

FILM: "Namak Mandi Peshawar Pakistan:  
The Mysteries & Secrets of The Legendary Gem Crystal Market Never Seen By The Public Before"

A BIG Thank You to Maury Destouet the General Manager of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show and the always polished Aisha Jan for assembling an amazing group of Experts for this Lecture Series. 

"I have the honor and pleasure to select the guest speakers and to assist in the organization of these events. Our company Rocksaholics is a proud participant of this show."

Aisha & Arif Jan, Rocksaholics, LLC

Monday, April 14, 2014

#TucsonGemShow - Jeffrey Bergman Brings a Rare Treat To Tucson, Burmese Trapiche Sapphire

Jeffrey Bergman has been collecting trapiche sapphires for over a decade and has assembled the largest collection known, rivaling the quality of pieces in the finest museum collections.

While the vast majority of trapiche sapphires are either opaque blackish blue with gray spokes or translucent dark gray on light gray, very occasionally, he would acquire a translucent gemmy vivid blue on snow white trapiche sapphire.  

The collection  on display at the Gem & Jewelry Exchange (GJX) in Tucson this year was made up of  is comprised of several dozen of the typical opaque or gray type trapiche sapphires...but then there were three of gem quality; a 3.90ct and an 8.70 carat gem with GIA reports, and an extraordinary 36.16 carat gem with GRS and Gubelin lab reports.  

His collection was on display at GJX in booth 106 with Mauro Panto of "The Beauty In The Rocks". With price points ranging from a few hundred dollars per piece to many thousands per carat I am sure that he was quite successful.

GRS gave a special comment “unusual translucent vivid blue color zoning” and Gubelin wrote one of their coveted full page appendixes where they call it an “extremely rare” and remarkable gemstone”.

The Gubelin lab report and appendix:

“The Spanish word trapiche, cogwheel in English, designates the agricultural tool which in former days was used to crush sugarcane. In the world of gems the same term is used for gemstones which show a characteristic six-rayed star pattern in cross-section. 

For a long time this peculiar appearance was only known from emerald, and is due to bands of dark inclusions which radiate from the center of the crystal – the optic axis – to the crystal faces. Only in the past twenty years other trapiche gemstones have been discovered, namely trapiche ruby, trapiche tourmaline, and trapiche sapphire. 

While the trapiche affect of tourmaline and ruby is caused by similar inclusions as in the trapiche emeralds, the trapiche effect in sapphires is due to a strong color banding parallel to the hexagonal growth zoning. The blue color is mostly concentrated along the angles of the crystal forming a blue star, while white zones are found between the star segments. Such trapiche sapphires are only known from Burma and are extremely rare.

This 36.16 natural sapphire described in the above mentioned Gubelin Gem Lab Report displays a distinct and well centered star. In addition, this remarkable gemstone has been spared thermal treatment. Such a combination of characteristics is very rare in Burmese sapphires of this size.”

This stunning example was featured in the Las Vegas Show report by Gary Roskin in the Summer/Fall edition of the 2013 Prism magazine (a production of AGTA).  The extra fine  trapiche sapphire is 12.29 carats, set in white gold  and flanked with asteraited diamonds.
You can find Jeffery Bergman at:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

#TucsonGemShow #AGTA - The Tanzanite Foundation Presents The Maasai Ladies Project

#AGTA - The Tanzanite Foundation Presents The Maasai Ladies Project

In the Hall as you enter the AGTA GemFair is what I refer to as 
the Hall of Learning, Support and Publications...
one of the agencies represented is the Tanzanite Foundation. 
 This year they had a great display of tumbled Tanzanite nugget jewelry 
that was hand crafted by the local Masai women...
a new project to provide a steady income stream
 for the women and their families.

A little bit about the ladies from their website...

In the village of Nasinyai - just outside the tanzanite mining area - 
a group of ladies gather together to make spectacular jewellery 
with wire and tanzanite donated by TanzaniteOne. 
Each piece is 100 % handcrafted and all proceeds are reinvested back into the project.

Formed in 2012, the ladies were tutored by renown gem carver Naomi Sarna 
in the art of wire wrap jewellery making, and after a period of learning 
now create stunning one-of-a-kind pieces 
which are sold through The Tanzanite Experience boutiques in Africa, 
Television Shopping and will soon be available online

This gem of an idea was conceived by The Tanzanite Foundation
and now donations of time and skill by others - such as Adam Woodhams, 
a local photographer who manages the project in Tanzania, 
and TanzaniteOne Staff who tumble the stones - mean the project is now 
creating a steady income to help the ladies support their families. '
Special thanks to TV network The Liquidation Channel for their on going support.

To catch up with the latest, visit the The Maasai Ladies Facebook Page 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#JCKTucson #TucsonGemShow - JCK Conquers Tucson - The Luxury Floor!

One amazing gem after the other - and I am VERY happy to report, lots of COLOR!  

A HUGE Trend that I hope to see more of going forward was Cabochon gems...but the slices and rose cuts don't appear to be slowing down at all!

The ornate and colorful Bollywood style seems to be holding on for another season and, Desi Girl that I am (in my dreams), I couldn't be happier!

Opals of every color and size, traditional gems from new locales and mosaic diamonds are all fun newer trends...

BA Gold - Booth 114 

Aspery & Guldag - Booth 327

Aspery & Guldag - Booth 327
Lord Jewelry - Booth: 426

Lord Jewelry - Booth: 426

Marco Daniel, Inc. - Booth 327

JS Noor - Booth 401

JS Noor - Booth 401

JS Noor - Booth 401

Mysterium Collection - Booth: 504
Mysterium Collection - Booth: 504
Izabel Camille - Check out the links they each tell one of the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales!
Ugly Duckling to a Swan - Ballerina for the Red Shoes....etc.
 Represented by Arslev Jewelry - Booth 504
 Represented by Arslev Jewelry - Booth 504
 Represented by Arslev Jewelry - Booth 504

 Represented by Arslev Jewelry - Booth 504

Cicada Jewelry - Booth: 318
Cicada Jewelry - Booth: 318

Cicada Jewelry - Booth: 318

Vivaan - really stunning jewels that celebrate colored stones

Vivaan - stunning tumbled Tanzanite!
Gasia Booth 69

Gasia Booth 69

Gasia Booth 69

All in All I would say that JCK's newest show 
is a MAJOR HIT!!!


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