Monday, January 31, 2011

In the Pavilion at the Pueblo Show

John Dyer (right) among his beauties 

The wholesale pavilion at this show is a giant tent (promise you can't miss it) in the middle of the courtyard.  THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Exhibiting everything from carvings to the finest gems...cut stones...ready to go pendants...and jewelry!

I mean know you are in the right place when the first person you see as you walk in the door is John Dyer!

Just a small sampling of John's Gems 

Magic Mountain Gemstones - Cabs

Magic Mountain Gemstones - Pendants

Finished Jewelry with a twist - this is one of
the coolest new vendors.
Vincent Peach - Funky and Elegant -
Pearls on Leather!

Tucson Day 1: Riverpark Inn - Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show!

The Crystal Singing Bowls lady stood next to
 the giant crystal at the lobby entrance so you
could see just how large it is!
You have all heard the saying "old habits die hard" - well starting my Tucson experience at this amazing venue is a habit I won't be breaking soon....I LOVE this show!

The Riverpark Inn is such an inviting location with friendly staff and a great mix of vendors.  I am going to just give you a quick look around!
The cases in the lobby are a Preview of
Coming Attractions

Check out this yummy bowl of crystals ---with a lid!

Quartz crystals still unloading in the parking lot!

The Taiwoo Pearl room with table spilling over with pearls!

A Tibetan Silver dealer poolside on the patio 

On the other side of the pool a patio full of vendors

A nice variety of rough from Mawingu Gems

Loved this Fossil Bamboo...

Malachite & Sugilite

Beads in the front tents...


So after my 8 hour drive, a meeting with a dear friend and client, David Epstein, I went to check into the house I am sharing with some friends with the intention to fall into bed and collapse for the know what happens to the "best laid plans".

I love this place - the house is darling, perfectly located in a nice little community.  My roomies this year are Marilyn and her hubby Paul and Ann Marie - friends from a Yahoo! Group.

I am fighting the end of a cold and while the household went shopping and had dinner I got some work done and was ready for bed - then it happened...

Marilyn asked a question about the AGTA Seminars - so I got the Buyer Registration packet out and with that my plan for an early night went out the window!

But we are all up - bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for our first full day in Tucson!!! I think Marilyn & AnnMarie are heading to the Freeway Shows - I have people to check in with at the Riverpark Inn and then a Meet & Greet with the ISG tonight...So Tucson are you ready for us?

BTW - all photos for the next two weeks are candid - I will not have time to fix and crop...but I promise lots!

PREVIEW:  Weather Report for Tucson is rain tomorrow ;(

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show - the "Main Show"

I love this ad from the Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau featuring internationally known expert & collector, Peter Megaw, PhD...


Peter is the Exhibits Chair for the TGMS - this is excepted from the Fabre Mineral Forum:

Speaking as Exhibits Chair for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show (tm) I am pleased to announce that we will have some truly spectacular exhibits this year. The theme is Minerals of California and there are at least 40 museum and private exhibits playing to that theme including several "group-shoot" cases with pegmatite minerals from Southern California that should be superb. This will include the first public unveiling of a magnificent brand-new find from the Oceanview Mine...resetting the standard for California kunzite.

For those jaded with pegmatites...there will also be a strong showing of non-pegmatite species...including some secondary base metal species that may blow your mind.

We will also host the first US Showing of the 774 ounce "Ausrox Nugget" from Australia, the third largest in captivity...and pretty to boot! Another highlight is the first US Showing of the Caerhays-Williams collection of classic Cornwall minerals...recently rescued from obscurity in the basement of a Cornish manor house!

This year will also feature a group of 12 exhibits of Calcite, organized by a cadre of die-hard calcite collectors including Chuck Houser, Phil Richardson and Terry Huizing. This will include worldwide killers, pseudomorphs, twins, fossils, speleothems (sensu not ripped from wild caves) and a half dozen locality cases.

Plus the usual array of competitive and other exhibits featuring the best minerals in the world...and dealers to buy them from. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Meet The Author...Book Signings at the NAJA Booth!

TERRA SPINEL! A New Book - Available at GJX

Terra Spinel — Terra Firma
A New Book Celebrating the Spinel Gems & the Lands from Which They Come
By Vladyslav Y. Yavorskyy
With Richard W. Hughes
In spinel, we have a mineral that forms some of the world’s most beautiful gems. And yet few know its name and fewer still understand its importance. This is truly a tragedy, for fine spinels can and do stand with any gem on the planet. From royal treasuries, through the elite private collections, to the haute culture salons of Paris, Geneva, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and London, spinel is both represented and the object of desire.
For the first time, we have a major monograph devoted to the spinel gems.
Terra Spinel pp 22-23 sample pages image
As Vlad Yavorskyy says in the book’s Foreword:
This remarkable collection of spinel pieces has been created with love and care over the past two decades. When I look for fine stones, I try to focus on the deepest nuances of color, brilliance, and shape. It is my sincerest hope that you will find my work worthy.
But not only am I a person involved in the “lives” of gems, but also in the lives of others. Thus I feel it incumbent on me to share my passion and knowledge of my craft and art, so as to foster and assist new enthusiasts in the field. My true goal is thus: I hope the words and images you see on these pages will inspire and provide increased insight and passion for spinel.
Terra Spinel is the culmination of a lifetime’s collecting by Vlad Yavorskyy. Not a technical book nor a gemology book, but a simple celebration of the spinel gems and the lands from which they come. Profusely illustrated and beautifully printed, it is a book that all spinel collectors should own.Terra Spinel pp 180-181 sample pages image
GJX Show (the 'Tent'): 1–6 February 2011. Yavorskyy, Booth 404 & 504
Sample pages and an online ordering form are available at:
When buying online or at the show, please let Vlad Yavorskyy know if you first learned about this book through Richard Hughes/
Terra Spinel cover image

Friday, January 28, 2011

ISG at Tucson 2011: Lab Update Invitation

This is a reprint of an announcement from Robert James of the International School of Gemology:
The ISG would like to extend an open invitation to all members of the industry to attend our ISG Lab Update seminar at the Hotel Arizona on Friday, 4 February. We have important new information on a variety of issues and topics that you will need to know in the upcoming year. The ISG Lab Update is free to the industry and includes a free continental breakfast and/or coffee and drinks. We promise to be finished in time for you to return to your booth in time for the show start. Here is the schedule on Friday morning, 4 February at the Hotel Arizona:

0730hrs – 0800hrs Continental Breakfast and Coffee     
0800hrs – 0830hrs  “The GL Gem Spectrometer and Advanced Gem Testing” presented by Wolf Kuehn, Canadian Institute of Gemmology. Come learn about the most important advancements in gemological testing and technology in decades from one of the industry authorities in gemology and gemological testing.
0830hrs – 0840hrs Coffee Break

0840hrs – 0930hrs ISG Lab Updates: An Evaluation of Abduriyim’s Andesine Reports, New Images of Dyefused Tourmaline, Tanzanite, and more…
Damage Evaluations Europe
The ISG is the only gemology school in the world that offers licensed insurance professionals who provide services to the world wide insurance industry. Come here about the latest work by the ISG staff regarding major diamond claims investigations in the US and Europe.

Evaluation of Abduriyim's Tibet Andesine
Based on our website, come get the inside evaluation of the claimed "Tibet andesine" reports by Abduriyim and the GAAJ. We use grass roots methods up to advanced analytical techniques to shine an insurance investigation light on this story of Tibet andesine and the people behind it.

Paraiba Tourmaline? We Don't Think So 
 The Lab Manual Harmonization Committee says the stone at left can be called a "Paraiba tourmaline". Come see just how this stone is treated and decide for yourself whether the LMHC decision was in the best interest of the industry.
 Why So Many Cheap Tanzanites?
If you are wondering why there appears to be so many cheap tanzanites suddenly on the market, we have the answer. Don't miss this look at the dyefusion of yellow zoisite in order to artificially create many of those tanzanites you are seeing on the market.
 ISG Presentation: The Story of Andesine
At the Third Annual ISG Reception on Friday night we will have a special presentation display of The Story of Andesine. This special presentation will let you get a first hand view of just what this andesine thing is all about. And its not just about andesine, but rather how the industry will handle this kind of thing in the future. Don't miss this one time opportunity to see the actual specimens used to expose this fiasco, and some grass roots methods you can use to identify these and other treated gemstones for yourself. The ISG Reception is free to the industry.
3rd Annual ISG Industry Reception ........and
The First & Last ISG Andesine Exposition (we hope)
Friday 4 February 1800hrs until we float the keg     Hotel Arizona

Join us for free food and drinks, and meet the ISG Community. We will have our special Andesine Exposition to display the actual specimens to show you what this whole andesine thing has been all about. Special door prizes and fun will be had all night. This year we have the Polygon members joining us which promises to make this the most fun ISG Reception ever! Don’t miss it.

This is going to be the biggest year ever for the ISG at Tucson crowds and events. Please be early to the activities to insure we get started on time.
We look forward to seeing everyone at Tucson. Travel Safe. Bon Voyage!
Robert James
President, International School of Gemology
Having problems seeing the images? Click here to see this page in the ISG Community Forums.

Final Gemfrance Update: Dr. Laurent Sikirdji requested the opportunity to post a rebuttal/response to our report on his Congo andesine here in this newsletter. We agreed to publish his response in its entirety here today. We never received this rebuttal/response from him. We consider the matter closed as far as our office is concerned.


Monday, January 3, 2011

NAJA Presents A.C.E. It - Tucson Style!

NAJA’s ACE© It Educational Conferences are geared to the professional gem and jewelry appraiser, but would be excellent information and networking for other professionals in the Industry.  

With seminars covering issues facing all facets of the Industry from Assessing Value in Designer Cut Gemstones with AGTA Cutting Edge Award Winner, Clay Zava  - to new gemstone treatments and authenticating watches.  

...there is also an opportunity to complete your Certification Testing and update member's required annual Color Testing.

Complete info and printable brochure:


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