Friday, January 28, 2011

ISG at Tucson 2011: Lab Update Invitation

This is a reprint of an announcement from Robert James of the International School of Gemology:
The ISG would like to extend an open invitation to all members of the industry to attend our ISG Lab Update seminar at the Hotel Arizona on Friday, 4 February. We have important new information on a variety of issues and topics that you will need to know in the upcoming year. The ISG Lab Update is free to the industry and includes a free continental breakfast and/or coffee and drinks. We promise to be finished in time for you to return to your booth in time for the show start. Here is the schedule on Friday morning, 4 February at the Hotel Arizona:

0730hrs – 0800hrs Continental Breakfast and Coffee     
0800hrs – 0830hrs  “The GL Gem Spectrometer and Advanced Gem Testing” presented by Wolf Kuehn, Canadian Institute of Gemmology. Come learn about the most important advancements in gemological testing and technology in decades from one of the industry authorities in gemology and gemological testing.
0830hrs – 0840hrs Coffee Break

0840hrs – 0930hrs ISG Lab Updates: An Evaluation of Abduriyim’s Andesine Reports, New Images of Dyefused Tourmaline, Tanzanite, and more…
Damage Evaluations Europe
The ISG is the only gemology school in the world that offers licensed insurance professionals who provide services to the world wide insurance industry. Come here about the latest work by the ISG staff regarding major diamond claims investigations in the US and Europe.

Evaluation of Abduriyim's Tibet Andesine
Based on our website, come get the inside evaluation of the claimed "Tibet andesine" reports by Abduriyim and the GAAJ. We use grass roots methods up to advanced analytical techniques to shine an insurance investigation light on this story of Tibet andesine and the people behind it.

Paraiba Tourmaline? We Don't Think So 
 The Lab Manual Harmonization Committee says the stone at left can be called a "Paraiba tourmaline". Come see just how this stone is treated and decide for yourself whether the LMHC decision was in the best interest of the industry.
 Why So Many Cheap Tanzanites?
If you are wondering why there appears to be so many cheap tanzanites suddenly on the market, we have the answer. Don't miss this look at the dyefusion of yellow zoisite in order to artificially create many of those tanzanites you are seeing on the market.
 ISG Presentation: The Story of Andesine
At the Third Annual ISG Reception on Friday night we will have a special presentation display of The Story of Andesine. This special presentation will let you get a first hand view of just what this andesine thing is all about. And its not just about andesine, but rather how the industry will handle this kind of thing in the future. Don't miss this one time opportunity to see the actual specimens used to expose this fiasco, and some grass roots methods you can use to identify these and other treated gemstones for yourself. The ISG Reception is free to the industry.
3rd Annual ISG Industry Reception ........and
The First & Last ISG Andesine Exposition (we hope)
Friday 4 February 1800hrs until we float the keg     Hotel Arizona

Join us for free food and drinks, and meet the ISG Community. We will have our special Andesine Exposition to display the actual specimens to show you what this whole andesine thing has been all about. Special door prizes and fun will be had all night. This year we have the Polygon members joining us which promises to make this the most fun ISG Reception ever! Don’t miss it.

This is going to be the biggest year ever for the ISG at Tucson crowds and events. Please be early to the activities to insure we get started on time.
We look forward to seeing everyone at Tucson. Travel Safe. Bon Voyage!
Robert James
President, International School of Gemology
Having problems seeing the images? Click here to see this page in the ISG Community Forums.

Final Gemfrance Update: Dr. Laurent Sikirdji requested the opportunity to post a rebuttal/response to our report on his Congo andesine here in this newsletter. We agreed to publish his response in its entirety here today. We never received this rebuttal/response from him. We consider the matter closed as far as our office is concerned.

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