Monday, January 31, 2011


So after my 8 hour drive, a meeting with a dear friend and client, David Epstein, I went to check into the house I am sharing with some friends with the intention to fall into bed and collapse for the know what happens to the "best laid plans".

I love this place - the house is darling, perfectly located in a nice little community.  My roomies this year are Marilyn and her hubby Paul and Ann Marie - friends from a Yahoo! Group.

I am fighting the end of a cold and while the household went shopping and had dinner I got some work done and was ready for bed - then it happened...

Marilyn asked a question about the AGTA Seminars - so I got the Buyer Registration packet out and with that my plan for an early night went out the window!

But we are all up - bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for our first full day in Tucson!!! I think Marilyn & AnnMarie are heading to the Freeway Shows - I have people to check in with at the Riverpark Inn and then a Meet & Greet with the ISG tonight...So Tucson are you ready for us?

BTW - all photos for the next two weeks are candid - I will not have time to fix and crop...but I promise lots!

PREVIEW:  Weather Report for Tucson is rain tomorrow ;(
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