Monday, January 31, 2011

Tucson Day 1: Riverpark Inn - Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show!

The Crystal Singing Bowls lady stood next to
 the giant crystal at the lobby entrance so you
could see just how large it is!
You have all heard the saying "old habits die hard" - well starting my Tucson experience at this amazing venue is a habit I won't be breaking soon....I LOVE this show!

The Riverpark Inn is such an inviting location with friendly staff and a great mix of vendors.  I am going to just give you a quick look around!
The cases in the lobby are a Preview of
Coming Attractions

Check out this yummy bowl of crystals ---with a lid!

Quartz crystals still unloading in the parking lot!

The Taiwoo Pearl room with table spilling over with pearls!

A Tibetan Silver dealer poolside on the patio 

On the other side of the pool a patio full of vendors

A nice variety of rough from Mawingu Gems

Loved this Fossil Bamboo...

Malachite & Sugilite

Beads in the front tents...
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