Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back To The Show Outside The Shows...

Tucson is full of "ART" you see it from the moment you land in the airport then in the murals along the streets and in the sculpture in the parks... the Tucson Pima Arts Council features these artists and gives you a heads up as to pieces to look for during your daily drive into the shows. The photo above shows the Windows to the Past, Gateway to the Future by Artist: Stephen Farley. A glazed ceramic tile wall mural in four panels located on the Broadway Boulevard Underpass into Downtown, just east of Fourth Avenue.

For more Public Art check out the Art Council's Site:

The website Go-Arizona lists three pages of Art Galleries, along with museums and other attractions:

The Historic Fourth Avenue shopping district features six blocks of wonderful boutiques and a hundred small antique shops and the Iron Horse district which was a bustling village serving the Southern Pacific rail employees in the mid to late 1800s...and on to the unforgettable Rattlesnake Bridge...

Enter the thru the jaws of a Diamondback Rattlesnake"

...exit the iron snake in the park!

For a leisurely tour of the Downtown Area check into the Segway Tours website:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Mayor of Tucson Learns To Facet A Gem!

What Paris is to fashion, Tucson is to precious stone. Each Spring, the desert city transforms to an indescribable concentration of gems, exquisite jewelry and mineral treasures. Some 40 independent exhibitions take over the city in what is known among gem dealers worldwide simply as "Tucson." Huge white show tents crowd every major open area. The convention center and other show locations become a riot of ethnic costumes as dealers from Sri Lanka, Colombia, Namibia, China, Madagascar, Mexico, Australia and every other gem producing country throng the streets. Hotel prices soar for the three week duration of the shows and often the very rooms themselves transform into gem shops.

This year, in a unique act of recognition, Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup will become a gemcutter, cutting a precious stone, in public, in salute to the stature of Tucson as the nexus of the world gem trade. Mayor Walkup will be cutting the gem on Monday, February 4th, at 1:30 pm, at the Electric Park Learning Center in the Tucson Electric Park Show on Ajo Way.

The "Learning Center" is a new (debut in 2007) show-and-tell facility at the Electric Park Show. Conceived in the aim of demonstrating the fascination of gems and jewelry in a lively, hands-on way, the Learning Center offers 3 free lectures daily, cutting demonstrations, workshops and more, from February 2nd to 16th. In non-lecture times visitors can try their own hand at gem cutting with an expert to guide them.

Featured this year at the Learning Center:

Noted gem author Fred Ward presents his latest
in the "Fred Ward Gem Books" on Phenomenal Gems

Colin Winter, respected figure in British gemmology,
giving a presentation on spectroscopy

Roger Dery, past winner AGTA cutting award - talks about the real world of commercial, non-hobby, professional gem cutting

Brad Simon introduces a new internet-based jewelry television channel

Tyler Allen, award winning cutter - gives a spine-tingling account of his greenhorn's venture into the dangerous world of gem buying in Madagascar

....and there is so much more

All presentations are one hour or less in duration; all are open to the general public; all are free. Presentation times are at 11 am, 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm each day from February 2nd to 16th.

2008 Learning Center Schedule:


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