Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back To The Show Outside The Shows...

Tucson is full of "ART" you see it from the moment you land in the airport then in the murals along the streets and in the sculpture in the parks... the Tucson Pima Arts Council features these artists and gives you a heads up as to pieces to look for during your daily drive into the shows. The photo above shows the Windows to the Past, Gateway to the Future by Artist: Stephen Farley. A glazed ceramic tile wall mural in four panels located on the Broadway Boulevard Underpass into Downtown, just east of Fourth Avenue.

For more Public Art check out the Art Council's Site:

The website Go-Arizona lists three pages of Art Galleries, along with museums and other attractions:

The Historic Fourth Avenue shopping district features six blocks of wonderful boutiques and a hundred small antique shops and the Iron Horse district which was a bustling village serving the Southern Pacific rail employees in the mid to late 1800s...and on to the unforgettable Rattlesnake Bridge...

Enter the thru the jaws of a Diamondback Rattlesnake"

...exit the iron snake in the park!

For a leisurely tour of the Downtown Area check into the Segway Tours website:
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