Wednesday, February 4, 2009

#TGS - Globe X Show

These gorgeous pearls were black with a really strong golden green - unfortunately I was wearing a coral t-shirt!!!

Globe X at the Days Inn is again one of the dozen or more shows along the 1-10.

This one is good to do around breakfast or lunch as it is right next to a Carl's Jr. so you don't have a major financial outlay.

I entered thru the "Pearl Show" sign as I knew that was where my friends at the United States Pearl Co./American Shell Co. would be!

United States Pearl Co.
American Shell Co.

TUCSON TIP: Their selection will be much better at this show on Feb 9th when they move their stock from the GLDA show back to Days Inn - so if you don't have the time or proper paperwork to get in to the GLDA Show - come by the Days Inn.

This show ranges from giant specimens to gold jewelry - rough - carvings - lots of opal - copper - high end gems and gem beads to $2 stretch bracelets!!

A few highlights:

The carved water features by Rod Griffin Opals were an eye-catcher at the OpalGraphics suite - stop in and see Denise she has some really beautiful boulder opal and they know where their goods come from since they are miners as well as cutters
Stones (rough & polished), Minerals and Fossils can be found from Le Rafia Vert who specializes in material from Madagascar.
Check out their website for even more really great photos from the 2009 Tucson Gem Show !!!!

They have a great shot of the Globe X Show from the back that I have included here to give you an overview of the venue!!

I spent some quality time with a lovely lady at Oregon Sunstones, Inc. Stop in say Hi and ask about the Rose Pendant!

EXCELLENT source for Sunstone as they have their own claim - JCJ Mining (Jolene & Judy) is a family tradition dating back to 1953. (I am doing a feature on this company so stay tuned.)

Upstairs in an addition at the back of the lobby are some really incredible dealers:

Down To Earth Opals who normally is one of my first stops is a real winner if you are looking for unique and beautiful Australian opal - in years past Internationally known award winning opal carver Danielle L'Abatta has traveled to the show and does demos at this booth - this year she is recovering from surgery (our thoughts and energy are with you Danielle).

Freya's Jewelry has some of the most affordable and really well cut ammonite. This is a family operation from Banff, Canada.

Are you looking for some really unique stones to set in jewelry? Stop by and see the ladies of Steven Wu (Gem-A/Gemifo Jewellery Co.) for some beautiful hackmanite and trapiche ruby & sapphire.
I bought some pearls for a classmate at Splendor Gems in the lobby and, while their prices are really good for the quality they need to work on their customer service.
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