Friday, February 13, 2009

Stones that are coming home with me to fill requests....

These photos can all be enlarged by clicking on the photo, if you think you might be interested in any of these great gems.

I will be bringing them to class on Wednesday night 2/18 and the remainder on Saturday 2/21

There is one exception Tina sent money with me so she gets first choice!

This first stone is Algurite - it is the first time it has been presented in a cut stone. Refer to my earlier post "Algurite - the Italian Fire".

These are gorgeous - fossil sea urchin with a flower that resembles Sand Dollars.

Rubies - Rubies - Rubies!!!!

Tourmaline bright pink to powder pink and some lovely greens

Sapphire - yellow to golden and some good sized cornflower blue with one pink!

Some cherry picked Rose Quartz rough - the only round Rainbow Moonstone I could find (this belongs to Tina) and Spodumene - the pink is Kunzite and the green is Hiddenite (the two pieces next to the Moonstone are mine - Sorry!)

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