Thursday, February 12, 2009


I found a pearl dealer with DEEP stock - you do have to order from Hong Kong (I asked if they needed a US agent - HA!).

Taiwoo Pearl is out of Hong Kong and carries pearls in a variety of price points, colors and varieties.

From their $1 per strand - by the hank... the $2 per strand - by the hank... the $3 per strand - by the hank... No - these pearls aren't perfect but in each of the price points they range from about 4mm - 10mm, in an array of colors!

From there prices go to $5, 10 & 20 per single strand - they carry gorgeous - close to perfect strands 12mm at $120 per strand! They also stock Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian Pearls.

Coins in the regular 12-14mm and in the fun tiny coins (8mm)

They also carried fantasy shapes and colors...yes - that's a Grande size Starbucks cup - I wanted you to know how large these were!

These crosses and double rectangles were interesting - I really love the raisin color in the front of the photo!

Who said brown pearls were hard to find - they have a range from champagne to dark chocolate!

Taiwoo Pearl
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