Sunday, February 1, 2009

Opening Day!!!

I came back to the Riverpark Inn because it is opening day for the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show!

When I was here earlier the Courtyard Pavilion wasn't open - I want to tell you about some of the dealers in the main tent!!!

First and one of the reasons I make it to this show every year is John Dyer.

John is an award winning gem carver who has some of the most original and unique cutting the way each piece is a signed piece - his stones bear his initials!

Poor Boys Opals have beautiful Australian Opal and some of the finest Ethiopian Opal I've seen so far . They have also have a great assortment of Christine Roussell's award winning opal carvings.

Thomas M. Schneider is in Room 150 shows some of the finest rough and has some lovely Chrome Chalcedony and beautiful Masai Sunstone (it is a soft green with bits of schiller).

Table after table of gems from Vista Gems - they have some of the nicest Rainbow Moonstone.
A fun vendor of rare gems is Freakingcat - (website coming soon) - Sphalerite with 3-4 colors in one stone and cut in house (they have a cutting facility in Thailand) - they feature some very nicely done unique cuts.
NEXT: I want to talk you about some of the upcoming events.....
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