Tuesday, February 10, 2009

#TGS - This is for my fellow students in Venice !

Several people asked me to either bring them some stuff back - OR - wanted to know what the trends were.

I bought Ammonite in several sizes this is an example of two of the matched pairs.

Dino Bone Cabs are REALLY espensive (especially if they have any color) - but - I found these great Utah Dino Bone Beads at a resonable price - they are big enough for some good sized cabs.

Pearls in yellow, caramel, olive and brown for Ruth! These are probably 3.5 to 4mm. As pearls get below 5mm they tend to charge more - it is harder to drill the tiny ones! A great buy at $1.50 - 4.00 per strand!!!

I picke up these great top drilled rectangular pearls for $7 - the luster is beautiful - they have overtones of pink, peach and golden!
The hardest thing to find so far has been the round moonstone cab for Tina - but I finally picked one up.
I will look at trends a little later!
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