Tuesday, February 10, 2009

#TGS - "Colored Gemstones in Antique Jewelry"

"Colored Gemstones in Antique Jewelry" with Diana Jarrett, G.G., RMV.

Diana Jarrett has written articles for most of the trade publications and is a respected gemologist and appraiser. She recently updated the book "Cameos: Old & New" byAnna Miller, G.G. RMV. Following the recent passing of Ms. Miller the publisher sought to update the information in this popular reasource guide. Diana took on the task of updating info, adding new photos and general revisions in this 4th Edition. She was available to talk to and signing copies of her book at the AGTA show.

This seminar was GREAT - to summarize - the things that are the most important to know when looking at antique pieces that contain colored stones is:
*** Know a little about when gems were discovered - for example if some one shows you an antique brooch with a Tanzanite in it - you know that it isn't the original stone for the piece - Tanzanite was discovered in 1967!

*** Know how to distinguish a synthetic and a simulant from a natural gem - gem treatment and simulation started around the Victorian Era and there were important pieces worn that were nothing but paste or glass.
*** Know you periods - if you are approached with an "Art Deco" piece and it is a soft fluid design it show raise red flags.

Samples of jewelry from the various periods covered were available for viewing thanks to eFiligree (http://www.efiligree.com/), a company that was represented on the AGTA floor.

Diana was an engaging and easy to follow speaker - this was a great opening seminar for me and got me excited about the ones to follow!
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