Wednesday, February 4, 2009

#TGS - Oregon Sunstones, Inc.

The Oregon Sunstones, Inc. suite at the Days Inn - Globe X Show is not to be missed.

I spent some quality time with a lovely lady at Oregon Sunstones, Inc. It is always nice to speak with a dealer who is also involved in the mining operation of the stones they sell. These folks know what's up!

Sunstone is a beautiful yellow feldspar which - when you get lucky has a soft pink schiller and when you get really lucky is red or green.

Because it is a fairly soft stone it is easily carved and lends itself to some unique and beautiful jewelry.

This is an EXCELLENT source - JCJ Mining (Jolene & Judy) is a family tradition dating back to 1953.

Historians confirm that it was from this location in Plush Oregon that Native Americans collected Sunstones to use for "barter" with other Native American tribes. As early as the 1930's Sunstones were sold as "Plush Diamonds!"

In 1953 Joe Banasco, their father, began marketing Sunstone to rock hounds and became known as the "Sunstone King."
Their Grandmother, Alice Jones, was the first white child born in Warner Valley ... their parents, Joe Banasco and Edith Laird, were among the first to file Sunstone claims in the area.. and their children and grandchildren, are proud to share with you their family legacy.. genuine OREGON SUNSTONE.
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