Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TGS - What's Up Between the Shows?

So - all the big shows have closed and we are waiting for the opening of the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show at the Tucson Convention Center...are there any show still open?

If you are in Tucson or are trying to plan for next year...YES!!!

There are a number of shows that are still open - your best tool today is pages 140 & 141 from the big Tucson Show Guide. The two pages are titled Show Dates and it is a graph form that allows you to look at the date and see which shows are still open.

If anyone at Colored Stone is listening - this is the ONLY thing missing from that great little mini-guide (The Navigator) that came out this year!

So let's see what is up today!

First and always my first stop the Pueblo Show at the RiverPark Inn is open through the 12th - make sure to check the guide - most shows have different hours on their last day!

It is hard to believe that I have been here in the RiverPark Lobby 7 days out of the 12 I have been in Tucson and I just met a dealer whose booth I haven't seen yet...and it is lovely in the lobby by the fire.

Closing Feb. 12th:
Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show at the RiverPark Inn

Closing Feb. 13th
All of the Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers Show
at the Gem Mall, the Holidome and the Grant Inn

Closing Feb. 14th
Both locations of the A.B.C. Direct Shows
Executive Inn Mineral & Fossil Show
Fine Minerals International Gem & Mineral Show
Granada Avenue Gem & Mineral Show
AKS Tucson Gem Show at Howard Johnson & La Quinta Inn
Mineral & Fossil Co-op
Mineral & Fossil Marketplace
Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show at the InnSuites (this one is a must see for those of you in town for the big TGMS at the TCC) there is a smaller group from this show at the Ramada Ltd.)

The shows highlighted in blue are all along the freeway frontage road across the freeway from the TCC so an easy side trip.

So if you are still in town or you came in for the big show at the Convention Center - there is lots to do today!!!!
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