Thursday, February 12, 2009

TGS - Farewell til next year - RiverPark Inn!!!

I am sitting here in the warm inviting lobby of the RiverPark Inn for the last time this year! :(

These folks are nothiong if not generous and accommodating...from the lovely and eternally patient Selena at the front desk, my favorite bartender Brandon in the Lobby Bar, the fun and efficient F&B Manager (who promises a restaurant for next year's show), the always smiling parking staff to the folks behind the scenes that make some of the best Tomato Basil Soup around!!!!

Kudo's to the management for assembling and motivating an excellent crew!!!

The weather today is expercted to be a crisp 64 with high clouds - the mountains have a beautiful dusting of snow and I have a busy day planned!
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