Sunday, February 6, 2011

WholeBead Show at the Windmill Inn

This is a first for my blog - I have never covered this show before...mostly the location is pretty far from the rest of the shows AND I am really not much of a beadgirl.   So - that being said, when I got a note that one of my original Twitter friends was showing there I decided it was time to check it out!

While this show is a little out of the way...they provide shuttle service so it is an easy destination...and it was PACKED!  My roomate, Ann Marie of Heart's Desire Jewelry, needed to stop at Saki Silver so we made a trip out.

There are lots of great vendors at this my limited time there, these are the ones that stood out for me!

Just inside the lobby was a Bay Area gem bead dealer, Best Bead Shop, that Ann Marie knew...he has some really fine and unusual beads in pyrite, moss agate, included quartz (many varieties).  Beautiful quality and above and beyond that Sanjay and Amy Margaret are delightful to deal with.  I love to shop where the workers are having fun!  (note: they are listed at the show as Rocky's Designs)

Next stop Saki Silver - I really wanted to get you a shot of this room - and just as we were leaving it cleared out enough to see just how extensive the array of clasps, beadcaps and findings is from this company. 

If you want Silver from Saki you had to go to this venue because their booth at Best Bead only handles Copper, Brass and Shibuichi.  Meeting a wholesale minimum at this shop isn't hard to do.

Last but not least - my girl Heather...long long ago (;-p) at the advent of Twitter there really weren't a lot of jewelry folks using the platform and you had time to get to know each other.  Heather Parker DiSimone is @BeadinPath on Twitter, her shop The Beadin Path in Freeport, Maine specializes in Vintage - Metals and Acrylic.  

When I walked into her room she was giving a great demo of the new Riveting & Piercing Tool by Crafted Findings. What a fabulous tool - as a Metalsmith I will solder a join just to not have the struggle of riveting, but this tool really simplifies the process, from piercing the hole to adding the rivet.  I will be posting more on this tool on the Daily Jewel.

All week I have been searching for the latest Pantone Pink - Honeysuckle - have you seen it? found a great tray of vintage acrylic beads at The Beadin Path for you!

Speaking of Twitter - if you haven't checked out the Twitter Hub for the Tucson Gem Show - you should!
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