Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inside the Designer Pavilion with Galatea!

As I mentioned in my previous post - photos aren't allowed at AGTA Gemfair - unless a Designer gives permission and so here you exclusive look at what's new from one of my favorites...Galatea!

"Galatea: Jewelry by Artist is the creation of Chi Galatea Huynh. Known for its hand-sculpted pearls, Diamond In a Pearl and gem-enucleated Galatea Pearl jewelry."

You may all know Galatea as the "Diamond In A Pearl" people and don't worry there are still producing these beauties, along with various gemstone bead nucleated pearls...but here in Tucson they are introducing several new designs and unique new ideas in pearls and beyond!

People who aren't familiar with the product assume these pearlescent beauties are laser carved - but each one of the pearls are hand carved to reveal the unexpected burst of color provided by the gemstone nucleated pearl.

One new twist on the hand carved pearls are what I am referring to as hand etched pearls (sorry for taking liberties Barbara).  Luscious  Black Tahitian Pearls with an undulating wave pattern hand etched into the surface of the pearl.  Why do I describe these as etched rather than carved?  the cut doesn't go through to the nucleation layer, only through a few layers of nacre.  This gives you the peacock surface of each pearl juxtaposed against a solid black layer causing an almost glittering effect...these HAVE to be seen in person!

The next new item that caught my eye was this ring that featured Abalone!   Clean, sculptural lines made simply elegant with the added punch of color from the mother of pearl - this may be my new favorite!

Also just introduced - 3DGaletea!  "3D Galatea turns any jewelry sketch into a stunning 3D rendering within 3 business days for the lowest price--guaranteed."

I am not going into detail here - but keep an eye on The Daily Jewel blog for a feature on the new designs and  their new division 3DGalatea!

* Just as an aside - I am not picking on AGTA for their no cameras policy - I totally understand the need for security measures and would in no way publish a photo that would endanger someone - I try shoot photographs without faces.  I am just a smarty pants by nature ;)
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