Sunday, February 6, 2011

Eco - Ethical in Jewelry Design - Bill Gallagher of Lori Bonn

"If you make sustainability your business - you will sustain your business."

Thanks to Bill Gallagher - this year's talk was great and very informative with actionable steps and a list of resources.

So - how about you and your jewelry design business?

Ethical - Ecological - Recycled - Fair Trade - Certified Fair Trade?

Have you started in some small way to green your business practices - and your products?

You may have all been hearing about the below freezing temps in Tucson this year - check out the great photo that Ann Marie took of a fountain on our way home last night!!!

BTW - this fountain is across the street from Gabrielle Giffords Congressional Office. The flowers, notes and candles that are building up in front of the office are very touching.
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