Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Two: Opening Day - and New Finds!

It was opening day for AGTA & GJX - I stopped in but the shows are too busy (it's a good thing) to get good photos and since I will be speaking on a panel there tomorrow - I decided to take photos then.  But it was great to catch up with people and actually hold pieces in your hand that you've only seen in photos.

Etienne Perret's work with colored diamonds is spectacular and the gem ceramic pieces are lovely but the feel really great on your skin...the piece on the left - hands down winner for both me and AnnMarie (one of my roomies).  The feel of the pearl on your hand was silky smooth.

Etienne Perret
AGTA GemFair, Booth 1623

...anyway I will cover AGTA and  GJX later - I just had to gush!
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