Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Discovered the Rainforest in Tucson...

I have been chatting with Rainforest Design on Twitter (she is @RainforestDesign)  and since we are both in Tucson we decided to meet up!  I have to tell you I have a new favorite vendor for carvings.  These are cameo type carved shell but done in a whole new way!  

You won't confuse these with your grandmother's Italian cameos...these are fresh new designs of flora and fauna, and everything in between, that the indigenous people in Panama are famous for carving in tagua.  

The cameos are carved from the Queen’s Helmet shell (Cassis madagascariensis spinella) found in the waters of the Caribbean, also known as “Sardonyx”.  

Sweet butterflies and hummingbirds sit next to frogs and geckos with a sea-life assortment on the next shelf.

These are modern pieces that will become the cherished heirlooms of your grandchildren.

I snapped a few quick shots but there will be a full write up on the Daily Jewel blog soon.

You will find Rainforest Design sharing a corner of the Gem-Fare Room:
Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show
Hotel Tucson City Center - Room 153
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