Monday, February 7, 2011

Westward Look Fine Mineral Show

Gorgeous minerals in a glorious setting....what more can you ask?

Just a few on the photo for a larger view.

In the Bill Larson - Pala International Room:

This multicolored Fluorite caught my eye. 

I don't remember seeing African Rhodocrosite crystals before.

Rhodonite from Minas Geras in Brazil

Pakistani Epidote

Larson also had some of the Kunzite from the recent
find at the Oceanview Mine in Southern California 

From Dave Bunk Minerals:

Calcite with Chalcopyrite Sphalerite
and Quartz on Andradite

These big plates of Wulfenite always remind me of Tortilla Chips

The Marcus Budil Suite featured gemmy Tanzanite crystals - more in matrix than previous years:

Tanzanite Crystals from the source...

Alpine Minerals - Virgin Valley Opal from the Rainbow Ridge Mine, Virgin Valley, NV:

The Westward Look Fine Mineral Show is one of three shows by this promoter - check out their shows in Houston and San Francisco too!
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