Sunday, February 6, 2011

Collector's Day at the Westward Look Fine Mineral Show

This is on of the days in Tucson I most look forward to...I get together with Margo (Gemologist) and Roni (Geologist) and head out to Collector's Day at the Westward Look Resort Fine Mineral Show.

If you are familiar with the Fine Mineral Shows you know that it gathers some of the  finest mineral dealers in the world into 4 sets of suites at the exclusive Westward Look Resort.  It is basically akin to the quality you find in the gem collections of the larger Natural History Museums.

Saturday at this event features the collection of a noted collector - this year that was Wayne Sorenson:

Wayne sat down with Dave Wilber
and the stories really started flying.

Special Guest: Wayne Sorensen
Collection: Private Collection of Wayne R. Sorensen Family Trust
When: Saturday, February 5, 2011
Time: 10AM - 4PM
Where: Westward Look Resort Lobby
Wayne Sorensen has become incredibly well known for his impeccable taste in acquiring some of the finest mineral specimens we've seen. This February, Wayne will put on exhibit some of these outstanding specimens from his personal collection.

The lobby buzzed with excitement as the crowd grew  - I overheard Wayne say..."Every specimen has a story...want to hear the story of that Pyrite?"

I was especially partial to this Tourmaline from the Himalaya Mine in Southern California and the assortment of gem types in the piece below.

Bryan Swoboda of Blue Cap Productions was onsite filming their latest edition of "What's Hot In Tucson" - I got a shot of him filming lobby cases.

 This Tourmaline must have heard about the weather in Tucson and it brought it's own coat 
This event never fails to impress me - I always come away knowing more than I went in knowing.

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