Thursday, February 3, 2011

AGTA - Photos of the Floor

Cameras aren't allowed at AGTA so...I got some shots of the Education & Information Aisle at the top of the show venue and some overhead photos of the show floor.

From the signage you see immediately that there is a lot to see at the AGTA GemFair!!!

From check - in the first thing you see and probably my favorite area of the show is the Grand Ballroom.  This houses the Spectrum of Design Jewelry Pavilion, Antique & Estate Jewelry Pavilion and the Tools & Equipment Pavilion.

You can see all those amazing Spectrum Award winning Jewelry Designs and the Cutting Edge Gem Cutting Award winners up close and personal.

Spectrum of Design Jewelry Pavilion:
The Designers featured in this area are true trendsetters in the Industry, and one thing I wasn't aware of they are all doing business in North America.  Here you will find gorgeous work by Designers like;  Mark Schneider, Todd Reed, Sarah Graham and Alishan to name a few.

Antique & Estate Jewelry Pavilion
This area is filled with fabulous one of a kind pieces, antique gem and pearl jewelry from a variety of vendors. Be sure to stop in a see eFiligree - aside from their stunning displays of Cameo Habilles & more traditional Cameos - they feature a great array of authentic fully restored filigree mountings for engagement rings.

Tools & Equipment Pavilion
Here you will everything you need to make and market your beautiful, display, packaging, tools, and several refiners are available to answer your need for metal!  Southeastern Findings booth is a tool geek's oasis!  and don't forget to stop in an talk to United Precious Metal Refiners about their proprietary non-tarnish silver alloy!

Also on this floor is their Education & Information aisle which features trade press publications like JCK and Southern Jewelry News & Mid-America News.  Followed by trade associations; Cultured Pearl Assoc., National Assoc. of Jewelry Appraisers, etc.  Finished the hall with Schools - Jewelry Design Schools and Gemology Schools alike...this is where you will find GIA, Canadian Institute of Gemology and the California Institute of Jewelry Training.

Downstairs in the Gem Hall is where the action is this year their is a separate Colored Diamond Pavilion on the show floor and of course my most inspiring moment was meeting Etienne Perret and his son Michael.  I have seen the designs on Facebook and in many magazine articles but if you get the opportunity, see it in person!  Michael gave us a great talk on the Gem Ceramic used in most of the designs...OK, I'm gushing - back to the AGTA.

The addition this year of an Internet area on the show floor made verifying and taking orders easier and the Lounge was a comfortable way to end a long journey across a large show floor!   ....wonder if they'd notice if  I just curl up and stay!
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