Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tucson: 15th Annual Orchid Dinner

WOW - what a great group of people showed up for the 15th Annual Orchid Dinner at TGIFriday's!

A big thanks go out the our wonderful host Dave Arens for setting everything up ahead of time and keeping the action rolling all night, what a charmer!  

The anticipation was palpable when Maureen BZap stealthily announced that it was raffle time and everyone should get their tickets out!  Why?  What were we raffling off?

From the generous Kevin Potter:
5 pancake dies (various patterns)
5 blanking dies (various patterns)
...and he brought in one of his Hydraulic Jewelry Presses for show & tell!

From the always supportive Charles Lewton Brain:
Lost Books: Chasing and Repouss√© - Lewton-Brain Just Published CD!
Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop -- Lewton-Brain
Gold Surface Applications: A Technology Review -- Lewton-Brain 
Making a Chain Tool for Chasing - Lewton-Brain 
Build Your Own Draw Bench Instructions -- Lewton-Brain 

...and from the "The Saw Guy"  Lee Marshall:
5" Knew Concept Saw with a brand new "Quick Release" lever (not yet on the market)
(for those of you who aren't familiar with the evolution of the "red saws" - Cynthia Eid tells the story on her Orchid Blog )
...Lee we love that you trust us with your latest and greatest inventions and updates ♥

The room hummed all night, people getting to finally put a face with the name they have seen forever...and some that have never posted but will probably be more involved as a result.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made it a special night - I really enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you...and checking out your jewelry as you signed in ;)
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