Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blue Cap Productions at the Tucson Gem Show

For some of us two weeks of gems, minerals and jewelry just isn't enough...or is it that it is too much and we need a "do-over"?

The good folks at Blue Cap Productions give us the opportunity to bring a small piece home with us.

Their "What's Hot In Tucson" video series which has always offered the hottest and the newest in the mineral world, now has an insider's view of the AGTA GemFair show.

It is great watching Bryan Swoboda work - his family has been important in the gem and mineral world for decades, so between him and Dave Wilbur (host)  they "get" what people want to know.

Last year with the addition of the always interesting Bob Jones (of Rock & Gem magazine) and Delphine LeBlanc they expanded this informative series.

While I was checking out the Westward Look Fine Mineral Show I got some great "behind the scenes" shots of Bryan and the crew at work.

I especially love the shot to the right - Dave Wilbur steps aside and  Bob Jones interviews his son Evan Jones, of Evan Jones Minerals.

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