Saturday, January 31, 2009

Algurite - The Italian Fire!

I ran into the nicest man Marcos Campos Venuti is in Tucson representing what he is calling a "New Finding From The Past".

Alurgite - is a stone that combines several minerals - it is referred to as "a purple manganiferous variety of muscovite mica".

Venuti has a great selection of "boulder and drusy algurite, a very special red mineral from an Italian mine that closed 30 years ago!"

You can find him at the Riverpark Inn - Room 113 and in Tent C1 ! I suggest that you look him up in the daylight hours - at the tent outside - the sparkle from the red mica-like top layer has the metallic shine of native copper.

Since the stones are actually cut by the seller he can talk very intelligently about the geology, gemology and lapidary aspects of this stone!

Do me a favor an ask him to see his faceted agate - he cut and faceted a stunning stone with the bullseye faced up - gorgeous!!!!

Vendor Info:

Marcos Campos Venuti
PhD Volcanologist, Lapidary, Editor of Rivista Gemmologica Italiana
Pueblo Gem Show
Riverpark Inn
Room 113 & Tent C1
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