Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On The Road - Tucson Gem Show!!!

Well - I leave tonight after class (gotta get my jewelry making out of my system) for the largest collection of gems & jewelry on the West Coast!

If you are going to be at the Tucson Gem Show please reply privately to me with your information we could meet up - I would love to be able to put a face with online names!
Can't make it to the show? be my guest! This year you have three options - you can follow my blog Tucson Gem Show - Live! at OR

...and new this year you can follow my Twitter feed - follow me and check for the #TGS - if you add the #TGS hashtag to each message then I can find you and you can find me!

I write at least one post daily and am going to try to live blog using Twitter - check my schedule (will be posting this on my blog) and post questions that you want answered by folks that I am taking seminars from. I will do my best to get you some answers.

Robyn Hawk
Tucson Gem Show - Live
Fly On The Wall-Views/Reviews
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