Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tucson Gem Show - RiverPark Hotel

So - you know I have to start with the weather it was 75 degrees today in Tucson and yes we are sitting in Paradise!!!

The RiverPark is one of my favorite venues - the staff is delightful (Brandon in the lobby bar is a gem)and the exhibitors diverse...

BTW - let me warn you that you will hear this several times - but right now during the hustle and bustle of setup it is sooo alive here!

The entry to the hotel is a good indication of what is to come...check out the 6-10 ft crystals that line the Lobby Entry!

Let's take a walk outside and I can show you just some of the stuff vendors are unloading...

While it is a little early to start talking trend - there is a lot of Sugilite at this show - from the powdery light lavender to the deep purple with the bits of glittery black! I have yet to see any of the gel/transluscent material but then there are a lot of vendors that are still checking in!

This photo is for my friends Judy & Nia!!! Poor Boy Opals is their favorite opal vendor. They are setting up on the opposite side of the pool from last year - if you are looking for them!

So - the way it works at the hotel venues is, there are tents with exhibitors in the courtyard area (these tend to be jewelry and bead dealers) with rough dealers working out of the hotel rooms that face the courtyard.

I was able to get a quick shot so you can see the tables coming off the sliding glass doors of the hotel rooms.

Now - the tip here is - if the vendor has some nice rough on the tables outside their room be sure to check on what they have inside their room - the high grade rough or in some cases beads will be inside where they have more control over them.

The Main Pavilion isn't open yet - which is one of the reasons I love this show (there are some excellent gem carvers here).

But the South Pavilion is setting up so lets look at some home/office decor...

Moroccan Imports is right along gate on the "Bennigan's" side of the lobby.

They have everything from the hematite "buzzers" to the Amethyst and Citrine Cathedrals and halved Geodes that you can add a glass top to for a coffee table in your living room!

I really like the "conference" tables - I have a fantasy of being a big executive with an orthocerus (fossil squid-like creature) table in the conference room.

If you know me you know I love "critters" - not animals but bug type critters - so the crinoids and trilobites are great fun!

The show staff for this vendor are helpful, and educated - an important factor when talking fossils!

Then of course, after you have the fossil or stone table you need stone dinnerware - right?!

USMAN Imports has beautiful fossil and alabaster chargers, serving pieces, plates and bowls.

....and large sink bowls - even giant vases for home decorators.

Riverpark Inn
350 S. Freeway, Tucson AZ 85745

Moroccan Imports
booths in the Pueblo Inn, Riverpark Inn and JOGS shows

USMAN Imports

* these articles are an attempt to SHOW you the shows a vendor listing does not mean that I have purchased from them or that I recommend them - recommended vendors (these are people I have purchased from or know personally) will be listed in the column to the right.
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