Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ISG: Tucson Seminar Invitation

Photos and Text Courtesy of Robert James at the ISG

Grain Boundary Diffusion of Gemstones: Tucson Seminar!

On Friday, 6 February from 1500hrs to 1630hrs, the International School of Gemology will hold a special free seminar at the Hotel Arizona in Tucson Arizona on the Grain Boundary Diffusion of Transition Metals in Gemstones. This seminar will present the results of our 14 month study of this unique gemstone treatment by the ISG Gem Research Center and its community of gemologists, jewelers, gem dealers, and consumers.

To complete this study the ISG accumulated over 2,200 specimens of rough and faceted gemstones including andesines, tourmalines, topazes, garnets, and diamonds. With over 20,000 total carats of gemstone study specimens this is the largest gemological investigation of its type ever undertaken regarding the identification of a gemstone treatment.

The study took two separate paths of investigation in order to provide the most comprehensive
evaluation of the grain boundary diffusion of transition metals in gemstones. The first was to accumulate a full complement of study specimens and have those specimens evaluated by independent scientific laboratories using LA-ICP-MS, SEM, SIMS, XRF and XRD technology. The second was the ISG in-house study of the specimens using the Enwave Raman Microscope, Vis-IR Spectroscopy, and additional gemological tests including magnetism and a wide array of microphotograph inspections of the internal characteristics of the specimens.

Based on the above the ISG has successfully identified the grain boundary diffusion of gemstones, and will present our scientific evidence including a slide show presentation of the microphotographs at the Tucson seminar.

Also at this seminar we will present several diagnostic gemological tests that can be performed by home town jewelers and gemologists to identify this treatment without the need for local jewelers to incur the high costs of advanced evaluations. These tests have been developed by the ISG through the use of the independent lab results and in-house research to formulate these diagnostic tests.

The ISG believes the grain boundary diffusion of transition metals in gemstones has been an ongoing process in the industry for a number of years. It is a viable treatment that produces permanent results, beautiful gemstones, and makes available to the market a much larger number of gemstones than would otherwise be available. As a result the ISG is making available both training and marketing support to the Thai dealers in an effort to expand the acceptance of this gemstone treatment, and to provide consumers world wide with proper disclosure.

The ISG Gem Research Center is a grass roots level organization comprised and supported by home town independent retail jewelers, gemologists, independent gemstone dealers, and consumers located around the world. The ISG has students and graduates in 55 countries world wide, and is the only gemological school that provides training in both gemology and jewelry appraisal.

Please direct any inquiries to the ISG office at 210-877-5816 or

Robert James FGA, GGPresident, International School of Gemology
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