Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zultanite Introduces New Website

Ok - I know what you are saying - What the heck is Zultanite? a stunning phenomenon stone!

Introduced to the world at the 1999 AGTA GemFair in Tucson, AZ - this stone has swept the market - while it was originally only available through a limited number of outlets, this new website has brought the beauty of Zultanite into your home! You will find jewelry designs that are as unique as this gem by designers and gem-cutters with International reputations for quality.

Gem Family: Zultanite is a unique variety of mineral species Diaspore.
Chemical Formula: ALO(OH)
Chrystal Structure: Orthorhombic
Hardness: 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs' scale.
Refractive Index: 1.70-1.75
Brifringence: 0.048
Density: 3.4

The soft golden green stone has a subtle color change to a delightful raspberry mauve...can't you see this in a Spring line?

Visit the Zultanite booth at AGTA's GemFair February 2-7, 2010 - Booth 1422

...from Zultanite Gems, LLC:

Zultanite Gems, LLC offers consumers more ways to collect this one-source only phenomenal and rare gemstone via their new website.

There are now even more convenient ways to acquire the exotic gem Zultanite. But still only one place in the world produces this sultry jewel; ancient Turkish Anatolian mountains. In different lighting, the delicate green transparent gem transforms itself into a soft raspberry to champagne hue. This exciting and relatively new jewel is avidly collected by the connoisseur and knowledgeable jewelry lovers worldwide.

Now Zultanite Gems, LLC makes it even easier for all collectors to acquire this rare stone. It is still available either loose or mounted. But many jewelers have stressed that this special gem needs a thoughtful and creative setting. In response, Zultanite created a luxurious collection of jewelry designed by Alberto Parada, Dangler Studios, and others now available through retailers or on their website.

Only one site in the entire world mines Zultanite, but the updated website it's easier than ever for the trade and consumers to access this beautiful must-have gem. Visit the new website: www.zultanite.org and browse the jewelry collection. This stand-out jewelry offers the beauty, rarity and value that stimulate sales with your buy-shy customers. The pricing is stable through the website or at retail. So consumers have more ways to collect Zultanite, and retailers are provided with broader sales opportunities.

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