Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day One - at the Riverpark Inn...

If you have followed this blog for long you already know that I tend to think of the Riverpark Inn as my "home base". The staff is always accommodating and the atmosphere is casual with a touch of home we call that California Casual Chic! in years part you enter through a path of HUGE Mineral Specimens - check out the size of this Quartz Crystal formation that is the support for the hotel entry next too it!!!

The Palo Verde Room always features an amazing vendor - in years past it has ranged from giant fossils to last year's gem crystal sculptures. Eons Ago Company has the room this year and they have filled the room with Fossils, Crystal Sculpture, Ammonite and Dinosaur Nests...yep and they are very large specimens.

The lobby features tiny showcases of the goodies to come in the tents...and a cozy fireplace for those chilly mornings.

This year the folks at Mineralogical Almanac have a table in the lobby. They have copies of the Mineral Observer - this publication is
stunningly beautiful on fine glossy paper stock filled with gorgeous photos of minerals and in the latest issue Russian Agates!

If nothing else you MUST pick up the latest issue of Rocks & Minerals...this issue is a tribute to the TGMS theme - Gems and Gem Minerals. Those of you who know this publication will be surprised (pleasantly - I hope) to see cut gems next to there mineral counterparts! This will make a great souvenir from the 2010 Tucson Gem Show!

A couple of the standouts at this venue are:

Sally Bass Jewellery - A Showcase of Wearable Art: an eclectic mix of vintage and new resin, Bakelite, wood, silver...almost anything that sat on her workbench too long! Sally has taken components and seamlessly mixed them to create a forward look with a Vintage spirit.

John Dyer - Just inside the Designer Tent - John Dyer's booth is a "must see"! This gem cutter is stellar and it is easy to see how he has won over 30 Awards. His gems inspire unique creations - touching the inner muse of the artists lucky enough to set one!

...there are a lot of amazing vendors at the Pueblo Show but I need to get to bed tonight so I am limiting myself to two - and a short list for you to check out:

e-bu (Huli Visions): their Treasure Scarves are an annual treat
Lou Gerin: darkly ominous skin and teeth...always a sight
Taiwoo Pearls: from Chinese Freshwater to Tahitians to South have to see this room once
Thomas M. Schneider: if you are looking for gem rough - at TMSGems you have found some of the finest

...the sun is setting, the show is closing and it's time to go home for the evening...more tomorrow from Tucson!
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