Saturday, January 9, 2010

Michael Dyber - American Wins Idar-Oberstein Cutting Competition!

Michael M. Dyber. of New Hampshire, is the only American to win the First prize twice in the 40 years of the most prestigious gemstone cutting competition in the world “The 40th German Award for Jewellery and Precious Stones, Idar-Oberstein 2009

Mr. Dyber’s first prize winner is a 113.24 ct. Aquamarine. Utilizing his signature lapidary techniques: “Dyber Optic Dish” ™ and now his newest technique the “Photon Phacet” ™ the Aquamarine was designed and cut so that it reflects optical illusions in three dimensions. It was completely cut by hand on equipment built by Michael in his New Hampshire studio.

This year's theme was “Long Live the Reflection”
The pieces could be unmounted gemstones, gemstones in finished jewellery (in this case only precious metals were allowed), gemstone objects and gemstone sculptures.

“This award represents another step forward in my endless pursuit of infinite gem designing.” says Michael.

The 40th German Award for Jewellery and Precious Stones, Idar-Oberstein 2009” is presented by the Federal Association of the Precious Stones and Diamond Industry, in the German Capital of the gemstone industry, Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

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Each year, artis
ts, lapidary artists, jewelers and designers from around the world compete for this coveted award.

In February, Dyber was awarded a Grand Prize, in the 2009 AGTA Spectrum - Cutting Edge Competition, at the AGTA Gem Fair Tucson 2009. The first place winner was an 89.79 ct Aquamarine, and was cut utilizing his signature lapidary techniques: “Dyber Optic Dish”™ and the “Photon Phacet” ™

Mr. Dyber’s ever changing collection of signed original creations can be seen at his booth at AGTA Gem Fair Tucson 2010, Booth 106, Feb. 2-7, 2010.

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