Monday, March 9, 2009

Westward Look Show- In the room with "Heliodor"

I chose this video from all the great offerings from Justin (FustinX on YouTube) because it shows how the Tucson vendors are able to use their hotel room as a showroom - note the bed in the background.

At the Westward Look Mineral Show, Heliodor (Brad and Star Van Scriber) showes Justin from all about a rare Russian Silver and a very juicy Morccan Vanadinite.

A rare look at a silver wire specimen from a Russian mine - that was rescued from the smelter.

...and a really nice Moroccan Vanadinite. According to
Vanadinite is a secondary lead chlorovanadate. It is almost always found in the oxidation zone of lead deposits in arid climates resulting from the alteration of vanadiferous sulphides and silicates of the gangue and wall rocks.

First discovered by SeƱor A.M. del Rio (1764-1849), Professor, School of Mines of Mexico, Zimapan, before the element vanadium was discovered in 1830.

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