Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Plan for TGS Blog

In previous years I let this blog go black following the close of the gemhows. This year I am going to try something new!

I am going to be posting brief articles on the vendors that I saw at the show - some of these folks are the reason I go back every year.

Vendors come to the Tucson Gem Show from all over the world and when you find a dealer you like it is hard to keep up a relationship aside from meeting them annually in Tucson. A large number of the foreign dealers don't have a website or only one that allows contact. So this is your one opportunity a year to actually see and touch the gems and findings you want.

So in an effort to give some International attention to these vendors, I will be posting info and when possible photos of goods from a some of the outstanding vendors of the Tucson Gem Show!

Some will be mineral dealers (although my friends Justin & Brandy at The Vug have this topic covered), gem dealers, rough dealers, bead dealers, findings, home decor - so some will apply to you, some won't - but I am hoping to interest you in things you have never been exposed to before.

The format will be as follows - the photo and write up then at the bottom complete contact information for any vendors mentioned in the article. I could hyperlink throughout the piece but really want you to read the post and then check their website, info, etc.

This info will also be posted to the new Tucson Gem Show Facebook Page!

Tucson Gem Show
FaceBook Page
http://snipurl.com/eh8kc [www_facebook_com]

The Vug
This site is a wealth of information. With videos from the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show as well as from the other mineral shows throughout Tucson. It also features links to all the major mineral dealers and to Justin's own FakeMinerals.com.

If you are in Southern California, Justin is available for speaking engagements and offers wonderful DVD's of Rockhounding opportunities in the area.
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