Thursday, January 9, 2014

#tucsongemshow - The Westward Look Fine Mineral Show

The Westward Look Show is in its 13th year!! With Al and Sue Liebetrau as "Collector of the Day" showing their award-winning collection in the lobby of the resort on Saturday, February 8th, 2014. On Sunday, February 9th their annual Sunday Evening Program presents Daniel Trinchillo of Fine Minerals International, with "The Pedernieira Mine, A Rainbow of Colors". 

The Liebetrau's collection of Pseudomorphs via The Vug
February 8th - Collector of the Day
10am - 4pm in the Resort Lobby 
Al and Sue Liebetrau are both scientists, both passionate about minerals and both in the search for great minerals for a long time. They won the Lidstrom trophy for the best specimen in competition in the 2010 TGMS Show with their Chinese stibnite. I decided to highlight Al and Sue because of their passion and true love of minerals and because they are not elite, but are great people with a real passion and they illustrate what focus and self-taught knowledge with the love of "the hunt" can produce in a mineral collection.

February 9th - Sunday Evening Program
6pm Social 7:30pm Program 
Sonoran Ballroom
Daniel Trinchillo is a dealer who only wants to do what is "the best" in collecting, so he naturally went after tourmalines of the Pederneira Mine in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil. The Pederneira Mine has produced what many regard as the best clusters of multi-colored tourmalines ever produced on the planet.

Tourmalines from the Pederneira Mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil are arguably the best matrix pieces of tourmaline crystals in the world. This is a beautiful group of bi-colored tourmalines from the Pederneira photographed by Malte Sickinger. Daniel Trinchillo of Fine Minerals International will present "The Pederneira Mine-A Rainbow of Color" at this year's Sunday Evening Program at the Westward Look Show! It will be a very exciting presentation, as we are all interested to know what is going on these days at this very famous mine. 

At Fine Mineral Shows we strongly believe that mineral shows provide not just a setting for procurement of the specimens to make your collection grow, but a venue to learn, meet potential mentors (or be one) and see, touch and feel nature's art in real time. Our mission is to support the hobby in any positive way we can and to create more collectors of fine mineral specimens.

Check out the website for a list of dealers and other special events at the 2014 Westward Look Show.
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