Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seminar: Dominate Local Search with Brad Simon

From the AGTA listing:

Internet Marketing to Drive Local Traffic
Brad Simon, (Graham room)
Basic - Intermediate. Getting the customer through the door is critical for the brick and mortar retail jeweler. Yet more and more customers begin their shopping process by seeking information on the internet, where they can find out about you, your business, and the colored gemstones which interest them. Take advantage of the customer’s use of the internet and let their search lead to your door, prepared to buy willingly from you.

Concrete and practical steps for using the internet to drive local traffic are the focus of this session.

AGTA has included several sessions this year on marketing your business online...this one was specifically aimed at the "brick and mortar" jewelry store owner.

The increased dependence on internet search for local business has greatly affected the ability of a small local store to draw customers...the days of a yellow page ad pulling traffic is gone.

Brad Simon of "Internet 4 Jewelers" spoke engagingly and with passion about recent changes to Google Search and how those changes can be used to your advantage.

Tucson Tip - AGTA is recording most of the sessions and they will be available in a DVD format - you can see their 2009 offerings here and for info about the 2010 sessions email:
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