Monday, February 22, 2010

Apologies and more great Tucson Reports coming...

I want to quickly take a moment of your time to apologize for the lack of blog posts from the Tucson Gem Show this year!!!

I am so sorry!!! My hard drive decided to crash while I was in Tucson and I lost some of the info for posts that I had already written and so now I am madly playing catch up!

One discovery was that I could keep up with email and the Facebook page and Twitter page by phone - but trying to post to a blog from a smart phone - not as easy!!!!

Did you check out the great group of posts from lots of active Twitterers on our Twitter Hub?

This site works great because it takes micro-blogging to a higher level allowing you to integrate photos from TwitPic, Videos and RSS Feeds all on one page brought together through the power of a hashtag (#)!

So anyone at the #TucsonGemShow, #AGTA, #Centurion or #TGMS could tweet about what they are seeing and doing and, when using one of these tags, it is shared with everyone else. I find that this approach offers a great range of shows, viewpoints and coverage!

I have about a dozen posts to go and following that I will (as in years past) talk about some of the vendors that made an impression on me this year!

So bare with me and enjoy an extended stay at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!

Photo from previous post about the first delegation of Afghan Gem Dealers...

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