Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catalog In Motion 2010 - This is where I will be...

OK - it looks like I will once again be spending a lot of time at the Rio Grande "Catalog In Motion"


First - because you see all the great products that Rio sells along with, in some cases, the people that make them! Imagine getting an overview on the Hydraulic Press from Phil Poirier or Dave Reynolds - the folks that build the press!

A year ago I took the 2 day workshop with Dave you can find it on my blog at Day 1 and Day 2.

Second - the FREE Seminars - Here are just some of the highlights:

Shaping Metal With Hammers with Bill Fretz

Argentium® Silver: Past, Present and Future with Peter Johns (Peter Johns is Technical Director for Argentium® International Ltd.)

Soldering Secrets with Blaine Lewis

Wax Carving with Kate Wolf

Pavé Setting with Brad Simon

Marketing in a Changing World with Marlene Richey

Innovative Techniques with the Hydraulic Press with G. Phil Poirier about learning at the feet of masters in the field! a complete list of Seminars is available.

Third - the incredible Class Schedule - includes training in/on the following:

Hydraulic Forming Enameling

Metal Forming Soldering

Chain Maille Metal Clay

Microfold Brake Glass

Stone Setting Wax

Rolling Mill Flex Shaft

...hopefully the details will be posted soon!
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