Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blue Cap Productions Announces Two NEW Mineral Events for 2010 Tucson Gem Show

Four Mineral Art Masters.
Two Amazing Mineral Events.
One Special Tucson.


BlueCap Productions has teamed up with Fine Minerals International to present one of the most unique programsto ever hit a Tucson show.

For the first time in history we have brought together some of the most talented and respected mineral artists in the world for two special events that is sure to be the talk of the show.

Eberhard Equit, Hildegard K├Ânighofer, Wendell Wilson, Susan Robinson and many more artists will enjoy a long overdue spotlight in the mineral collecting community.

The Westward Look Mineral Show will be the host of anunprecedented night of mineral artistry during theirEE_tSunday Evening Programon February 7, 2010.

At the 6:30P cocktail hour, there will be a Mineral Artists' Gallery in the Sonoran Ballroom with a select number of fine mineral artists displaying their work and being on hand to discuss their paintings.

The list of attending artists is growing and to-date includes:
  • Chris Hughes
  • Steve Sorrel
  • Gail Spann
  • Brandy Naugle
wilsonImmediately after the Mineral Artists' Gallery, Wendell Wilsonwill moderate an special artist panel consisting of himself,Eberhard Equit, Hildegard K├Ânighofer and Susan Robinson. This is the first time in history that these Master Artists have taken the stage together and is sure to be one of themust-attend events of Tucson.

Then, from February 11 - 14 at the Tucson Convention Center, the TGMS' Tucson Gem and Mineral Show(TM) will be the location for a never-before-seen exhibit ofEberhard, Hildegard, Wendell and Susan's work.

SR_silverOn the main floor of theconvention center will beover 40 feet of specialdisplay cases FILLED with the original paintings of these Master Artists and, with many of the paintings,the actual mineral specimen that was the inspiration for these images. Never beforehave these paintings been displayed on a scale like this and it's quite likely that they'll never be seen like this again.

And, if you happened to miss the Westward Look Sunday Evening Program, these four artists will be on hand tochat with you and answer any questions you may have.

RobinsonGathering these paintings has been a MONUMENTAL task as tracking down some of these paintings has been an exercise in detective sleuthing. Owners and collectors of these fantastic paintings have all banded together to bring you themost complete and impressive collection offine mineral paintings that Tucson, and quite possibly the world, has ever seen.

This is history in the making so be a part of history by visiting the Mineral Artists' Show at the 2010 Tucson show.

We'll see you there!!
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