Friday, January 27, 2017

#TucsonGemShow - Spotlight on Award Winning Gem Cutter, John Dyer

Gems Coming To Tucson:

Montana Sapphire Starbrite™ Cut 2.12 cts
"Over 2 carats is already a very large size for Montana sapphire where most gems
found cut less than one carat, but this gem also looks like an even larger sized
gem due to is shallow depth and large face size."

Oregon Sunstone Starbrite™ Cut 5.40 cts 

Fancy Tanzanite Step Cut 0.83 cts  -  From Tanzania
Shows cool flashes of multiple colors.
Ametrine Dreamscape™ Cut 34.75 cts

Bolivian Ametrine Starbrite™ Cut 13.69 cts

Bicolor Tourmaline ZigZag™ Cut 1.80ct.

Emerald RippleTop™ Cut 2.15 cts  

Find John's Booth:

John Dyer Gems

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