Monday, January 4, 2016

#TucsonGemShow ANNOUNCING - Lineup Change at Tucson Mineral Lecture Series 2016 #PuebloGemandMineralShow #PuebloShow

Important Announcement 
Tucson Mineral Lecture Series 2016

On behalf of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show, Tucson Arizona USA, hosts of the Tucson Mineral Lecture Series 2016, it gives us great pleasure to announce:

The world renowned Peter Lyckberg of Göteborg, Sweden 
will be the first guest speaker on February 2nd 2016

Subject: " Gem and Crystal Treasures of Afghanistan and Pakistan "

He will be replacing Dr.Raquel Alonso Perez, who had to cancel her participation due to unforeseen circumstances.

Peter Lyckberg found plumbomicrolite at Högsbo, a mineral new to Sweden. In the coming years he found, explored many mineral, ore and pegmatite deposits, first in Scandinavia, followed by the rest of Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia-Oceania.

Consultant for the Swedish Geological Survey regarding 40 ancient deposits of silver, gold, Mn deposits in Dalsland and Värmland counties where he had spent summers locating them in the deep forests...drilling, mining and publishing took place later based on his original exploration and information. In 1977 and 1981 he published his first reports on pegmatite deposits and found giant topaz crystals to 80 kg, large beryl to 1 m, schorl tourmaline crystals to 3 m long in Sweden.

Peter studied Civil engineering at the Chalmers University of Technology which included research work during some years at the Yxsjöberg Scheelite-Cu deposit, and extensive studies of the Malmberget Magnetite deposit in N Sweden where some unique pockets of gem quality golden calcite was discovered. In 1997 he started research with two other Universities but at the end of the year moved from Sweden.

His geological studies continued in various parts of the world including the gem deposits of California, Maine, Minas Gerais and NE Brazil, Namibia, Madagascar, Norway, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan and some 45 other countries. In total around 2500 developed mines and quarries were visited and many more undeveloped deposits and veins. Peter has been an active lecturer since 1985 leading many field expeditions and been a long time member of the editorial board of several mineralogical journals including Mineralien Welt. His lectures have been conducted primarily in Swedish, Norwegian, English, German, French and Russian languages.
A new father, Peter was the first non local to explore the mines at high altitude in the Haramosh Mountains, Pakistan where aquamarine, topaz, schorl is mined for specimens of exceptional beauty. He has been advisor in the study and development-mining of many gem deposits and in engineering fields, it was, for instance, he who suggested a large scale operation in Braldu Valley Pakistan where later the finest aquamarine group was found on matrix now in the MIM Museum in Lebanon.

His achievements and contributions to the world of gems and minerals if listed here will require several pages.

We know you will enjoy and be enlightened by his presentation .

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